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Unlock Massive Savings on International Travel with Strategic Financial Planning.In a groundbreaking analysis by Mozo, a leader in financial comparison, a significant revelation surfaces for Australian globetrotters: planning financial strategies for trips abroad can yield substantial monetary benefits. As 2024 unfolds, travellers stand to save remarkably by making informed choices about their travel money options before boarding their flights.

With living costs surging globally, Rachel Wastell, Mozo’s personal finance expert, stresses the critical nature of financial planning. “In these economically challenging times, understanding which financial tools to leverage during international travels can transform your fiscal outlook,” Wastell advises.

For those venturing outside Australia, the selection isn’t limited to conventional credit cards. Alternatives like debit cards linked to bank accounts, foreign currency accounts, and prepaid travel cards offer varied benefits, but the choice demands strategic forethought.

Foreign Currency Accounts: A Gateway to Saving

Mozo’s study highlights that foreign currency accounts stand out for Australian travellers planning winter escapades to destinations like the United States, the United Kingdom, or Europe. These accounts ensure lower costs and offer flexibility across multiple currencies—an ideal feature for those visiting various countries.

The comparison between different financial products revealed that foreign currency accounts consistently beat prepaid travel cards in exchange rates by approximately 5%. A hypothetical $10,000 (AUD) conversion translates to $311 in USD savings, £273 in GBP, and €314 in EUR.

The Advantage of Debit Cards

However, not everyone might opt for a dedicated foreign currency account. Here, debit cards emerge as a viable contender, especially those without monthly fees and with perks like competitive exchange rates via significant networks like Visa and Mastercard. Choosing cards with no currency conversion or overseas ATM fees is crucial.

“When comparing exchange rates on fee-free everyday debit cards, they closely match those offered by foreign currency accounts, with just about 0.77% to 1.13% difference,” Wastell explains, emphasizing the potential for savings even without opening a new account. On a $10,000 balance, the savings could still be notable, amounting to $74 in USD, £40 in GBP, and €46 in EUR.

Conversely, debit cards with fees could cost travellers significantly more, with an average of $262 in conversion fees alone, plus the extra burden of overseas ATM fees, which average $3.16 per withdrawal.

Recognizing Excellence: Mozo Experts Choice Awards

Acknowledging the best in the category, the Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Travel Debit Cards have highlighted top offerings that help minimize these unwanted costs. Banks like Bankwest, Great Southern Bank, and Macquarie have been recognized for their consumer-friendly products that assist in avoiding excessive fees, thereby enhancing the travel experience.

Wastell concludes with a powerful message: “By meticulously planning your travel finances, you can convert what you save into memorable and enriching experiences overseas.”

By embracing strategic financial planning, Australians can dramatically reduce expenses while enhancing their travel experience. The insights provided by Mozo not only help make savvy financial decisions but also underline the importance of being well-prepared in an economically fluctuating global landscape.




Written by: Jill Walsh