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Travel + Leisure May 2024 IssueIn an unprecedented revelation of luxury and grandeur, Travel + Leisure has officially unveiled its 2024 It List, marking the 19th iteration of this eagerly awaited announcement. This year’s list showcases the 100 most exciting new hotels and, for the first time, luxury cruise ships, offering a panoramic view of the finest accommodations the world has to offer.

Including cruise ships this year is a nod to the evolving landscape of luxury travel, reflecting a broader spectrum of extraordinary experiences that cater to the discerning traveller. From the opulent shores of Mexico and Greece to the historic elegance of boutique hotels in Morocco and Portugal, this comprehensive guide spans 39 countries across six continents. It promises a journey through a mix of newly opened and tastefully renovated properties, each delivering unparalleled hospitality.

Jacqui Gifford, Editor in Chief of Travel + Leisure, emphasized the essence of this year’s list as a “celebration of transformation and discovery.” Highlighting places like the Hotel Vermelho in Melides, Portugal—a project by Christian Louboutin—she describes how each destination is not just a place to stay but a portal to cultural immersion and luxury escapism.

The process behind curating the It List is rigorous and meticulous. Over the past year, editors have evaluated hundreds of establishments to distil them to an elite 100. The chosen venues are more than just accommodations; they are destinations that promise to enrich, inspire, and rejuvenate their guests.

The 2024 It List is a rich tapestry of choices, including 4 cruise lines and 36 hotels in North America, 26 in Europe, 7 in the Caribbean and Central and South America, 10 in Africa and the Middle East, 14 in Asia, and 3 in Australia. Each entry has been selected for its ability to offer something extraordinary – architectural brilliance, historical significance, or a breathtaking natural setting.

For those eager to explore the complete list and delve into detailed descriptions of why each hotel and cruise ship made the cut, Travel + Leisure offers extensive coverage both online and in their May 2024 issue. As these selections are expected to shape travel trends for the coming year, potential travellers are encouraged to visit Travel and Leisure’s It List for inspiration on their next journey.

This announcement sets the tone for the future of travel in 2024 and solidifies Travel + Leisure’s position at the forefront of the luxury travel industry. As the world continues to open up, these top 100 destinations are poised to redefine what it means to travel in style and luxury.




Written by: Jill Walsh