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Great location but small room lacking international power and USB points.I didn’t book the Bergen Bors Hotel—it was part of a Viking pre-cruise deal as we searched for the Northern Lights. However, we were very happy when the limo rolled up at a prominent Harbourside location—the cruise port was just a walk away.

This is an impressive building with some very grand areas, including the massive breakfast/dining/bar room with its soaring ceilings. We had a special entrance for Viking guests, and the lifts were quick. We were soon relaxing in our room.

I noted the grubby hallway carpet was long overdue for change, but it looked new in our room, which was small by today’s standards and a bit gloomy. I might be wrong, but I get the feeling the management is cutting big old rooms in half and creating two bedrooms—perhaps taking advantage of the booming demand for travel in the region.

Not that I am complaining—in general, it was neat and tidy. The rather odd bedside lamps, however, get in the way. The biggest hitch of all was the lack of power points, let alone USB points. I had to crawl around to find power, eventually unplugging a coffee machine.

The bathroom was understandably small and sadly equipped with pumps for shampoo and conditioner. Once the trademark of a cheap motel, this system seems rapidly becoming the norm. Breakfast in the huge dining area was okay—smorgasbord style—and the staff, while charming, seemed to be very new.

It was great to get a hot cup of tea, but there was no milk or sugar. The next morning, we decided to enjoy a decent cup of coffee. There was a new machine there, but no one knew how to use it. All in all, it was a shade under 4-star experience at a hotel obviously capable of much more.




Written by: Ian McIntosh