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Cathay Pacific - LogoAs the southern hemisphere cools, the lure of Europe’s sunlit streets grows stronger. Now is the prime time to plan your grand European summer escape, especially as Cathay Pacific offers enticing early bird offers. According to last year’s trends, 31% of Australians secured their summer flights to Europe between 90 to 180 days in advance. With the clocks ticking towards another winter, those looking to bask in Europe’s warmth must act swiftly to capture the best deals and experiences.

Cathay Pacific, renowned for its exemplary service, is more than just a mode of transport; it’s your gateway to an unforgettable summer. Offering a wide range of destinations, travellers can jet from Sydney to cultural hubs like London, Paris, Milan, and more. This year, innovative open-jaw itineraries allow you to fly into one city and depart from another, maximizing your European exploration with minimal fuss.

Elevate Your Journey from the Outset

Travel isn’t merely about the destination but also the journey. Cathay Pacific enhances this experience starting from Hong Kong International Airport, where travellers can indulge in the luxuries of one of three exclusive Business Class lounges. A refreshing cocktail or a savoury treat from the iconic Noodle Bar at The Deck sets the tone for what’s ahead. Long-haul flights need not be a dread, as Cathay’s attentive service and premium in-flight amenities ensure you arrive rejuvenated and ready to delve into your adventure.

Make the Most of Every Moment

The strategic stopover in vibrant Hong Kong offers a delightful break in your travel. Engage with the city’s dynamic culture, from hidden beaches to gourmet Cantonese delights, turning what could be a tiresome layover into part of the adventure. With a 1-2 day pause, the journey from Australia to Europe becomes less daunting and more an integral part of your holiday narrative.

Exceptional Savings on Dream Destinations

For those who plan, Cathay Pacific extends a variety of savings opportunities. Early bookings can enjoy discounts up to $400 on roundtrip flights to major European cities like Manchester, Zurich, and Paris. Furthermore, exclusive deals are not limited to the skies. Economy fares start from $1,755 for flights from Sydney to London, with similar competitive rates across other major Australian cities, making luxury travel accessible.

Cathay Pacific’s offers are designed to attract and provide meaningful experiences, starting with the booking process. Those with accrued points, such as Asia Miles, have opportunities to upgrade, ensuring the finest amenities even above the clouds.

Secure Your Summer Now

The opportunity to lock in your European summer elongates as the days shorten in Australia. Cathay Pacific’s proactive booking advice underscores the need to secure competitive pricing and the best possible holiday experience quickly. Start planning today to ensure that when the European sun beckons, you are ready to answer the call in style and comfort.

Embark on your journey with Cathay Pacific and make this summer the backdrop for your most memorable stories.




Written by: Christine Nguyen