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Discover the best of NY's spring blooms" with the Blooms Report guidebook.In a strategic move aimed at revitalizing the state’s thriving $123 billion tourism sector, New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul announced the launch of the New York Blooms Report on March 20, heralding the arrival of spring. This innovative weekly guide enhances the spring travel experience by spotlighting the best locations to view various blossoms—including roses, tulips, and magnolias—at over 30 partner sites statewide.

Governor Hochul emphasized the season’s vibrancy and encouraged locals and visitors to explore the plethora of parks, farms, and historic sites. “Spring’s warmth not only rejuvenates our landscape but also our spirits. This is a perfect opportunity to appreciate the beauty of our state and explore its rich offerings,” said Hochul.

The Blooms Report, managed by the iconic I LOVE NY tourism campaign, utilizes real-time updates from gardeners and arborists across the state’s 11 vacation regions. These reports, available exclusively online, provide valuable insights into the bloom stages of selected flowers and spotlight unique floral events like the Rochester Lilac Festival and the Albany Tulip Festival.

To further engage the public, I LOVE NY has rolled out a social media campaign where travellers can share their flower photos using the #NYBloomsReport hashtag for a chance to be featured on state tourism platforms, which boast a combined following of over two million.

Hope Knight, President, CEO, and Commissioner of Empire State Development, highlighted the initiative’s economic impact. “Tourism is vital to our state’s economy, supporting local jobs and businesses. The Blooms Report is more than just a travel guide—it’s a gateway to the diverse and dynamic regions of New York,” Knight remarked.

Ross D. Levi, ESD Vice President and Executive Director of Tourism, also commented on the new initiative. “With the New York Blooms Report, we aim to showcase the scenic beauty and cultural richness of New York’s springtime attractions. It’s an invitation to discover, enjoy, and ultimately fall in love with New York all over again,” said Levi.

In addition to garden tours, New York State Parks and Historic Sites offer various spring-themed activities as part of their Centennial celebration. These include hikes, bird walks, maple sugaring events, and even a unique “Centennial Challenge” with prizes for participants who engage with nature throughout the state’s parks.

As spring ushers in new growth, the New York Blooms Report stands out as a testament to New York’s commitment to enriching its tourism landscape while fostering an appreciation for natural beauty and regional diversity.

This strategic initiative promises to enhance seasonal tourism and spark a renewed interest in New York State’s natural and cultural wealth.




Written by: Jason Smith