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Australians Choose Local Holidays This Autumn Despite Economic Challenges.In a spirited response to the persistent cost-of-living crisis, 70% of Australians are seizing the autumn school holidays to explore their state’s enchantments, sparking a boon for local tourism operators. This revelation comes from a timely survey conducted by the Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF) Australia in collaboration with Pure Profile, engaging over 1,500 participants nationwide.

As families tighten their belts, the survey highlights a surge in intrastate travel, climbing to 41% from 36% last summer. Though interstate journeys hold appeal for 21%, and a smaller fraction venture overseas, the prevailing trend is a quest for proximity and affordability, with a majority planning trips lasting no more than seven days and budgets under $2000.

The Olgas and nearby roadscape in the Northern Territory, Australia

The Olgas and nearby road scape in the Northern Territory, Australia

Margy Osmond, CEO of TTF Australia, champions this local travel wave as a critical support to the tourism sector during these testing times. “It’s heartening to see Australians rallying around their local communities, providing a much-needed uplift to our tourism operators,” Osmond notes. However, she also acknowledges the shadow cast by economic strains, with many families curtailing their holiday durations or opting to stay with friends and relatives to cut costs.

The allure of New South Wales looms largest, drawing 33% of travellers, followed by vibrant visits to Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia. Cities like Melbourne and Sydney top the urban destination charts, while regional gems such as the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast beckon with their scenic allure.

Moreover, the international front sees Europe leading the pack, closely followed by New Zealand and Indonesia, showcasing a diverse palette of global attractions still in favour among those venturing beyond domestic bounds.



The study underscores travel as a cherished expenditure, with one in four Australians placing it atop their discretionary spending — a testament to the enduring value of recreational escapades in enriching lives amidst financial adversity.

As the economic landscape continues to challenge, with food and grocery prices leading the fray of fiscal woes, the Australian spirit of adventure shines through, illustrating a collective commitment to balancing joy and judiciousness in leisure pursuits.

This autumn, as the leaves turn and the air cools, Australians are not just travelling — they reaffirm the essence of community and resilience, crafting memories close to home while fortifying the fabric of local economies. In doing so, they craft personal joy and weave stronger communal ties, proving that the journey continues, literally and metaphorically, even amidst hardship.




Written by: Michelle Warner