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Australians Back Tourism Taxes as Travel's Environmental Impact Intensifies.As global concerns over travel’s environmental footprint intensify, a groundbreaking survey by renowned travel insurance provider InsureandGo has uncovered a resounding call from Australians to adopt tourism taxes. With an astounding two-thirds of respondents backing the measure, it’s evident that Australians are increasingly conscious of the ecological consequences of tourism.

In the wake of Bali’s recent implementation of a tourism tax, the survey of over a thousand Australians sheds light on a significant shift in public sentiment. A staggering 63% of respondents voiced their support for such levies, emphasizing a growing consensus on the need for proactive measures to mitigate the environmental toll inflicted by visitors.

Moreover, the survey underscores an intense desire among Australians for their nation to follow suit, with 60% advocating for introducing a domestic tourism tax. Notably, New South Wales (NSW) residents emerge as particularly fervent supporters, with 63% throwing their weight behind the levy.

InsureandGo’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jonathan Etkind, attributes this burgeoning support to a generational divide, noting that younger Australians exhibit a heightened awareness of travel’s environmental impacts. He remarks, “For younger Australian travellers, it’s increasingly commonplace, but for Australians aged over 50, it’s a new levy that they seem to be taking time to embrace.”

The survey reveals a clear correlation between regions heavily reliant on tourism and support for taxation measures. Residents of visitor hotspots like NSW and South Australia express the highest levels of endorsement, reflecting a deep-seated recognition of the strain placed on local ecosystems by burgeoning tourist numbers.

Australian Support for Tourism Taxes Soars

In light of these findings, it becomes apparent that the call for sustainable travel practices resonates deeply across Australia. As nations worldwide grapple with balancing economic growth with environmental stewardship, the resounding support for tourism taxes signals a pivotal moment in the evolution of travel industry norms.

Over half of respondents expressed a willingness to shoulder the financial burden of these levies, indicating that Australians are ready to embrace a future where tourism and environmental preservation coexist. As InsureandGo’s survey illuminates, the time for action on sustainable travel is now.




Written by: Yves Thomas