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Singapore Cable Car's SkyOrb Cabin Took Its Maiden Flight on 15 March 2024.In the heart of Singapore, a groundbreaking attraction has just been unveiled, setting a new standard for urban exploration. The Mount Faber Leisure Group has officially launched an unparalleled marvel in aerial transportation – the SkyOrb Cabins, on the Singapore Cable Car’s Mount Faber Line. This innovative project marks a significant milestone in the Singapore Cable Car’s 50th anniversary celebrations, heralding a new era of city sightseeing.

The SkyOrb Cabins, a fleet of seven chrome-finished, spherical cabins, are a first of their kind globally, blending advanced design with state-of-the-art technology to offer an unmatched travel experience. These futuristic orbs were introduced amidst much fanfare at a launch event graced by notable figures, including Mr. Bob Tan, Chairman of Sentosa Development Corporation, and Ms. Thien Kwee Eng, CEO of Sentosa Development Corporation, highlighting the project’s significance to Singapore’s tourism and innovation landscape.

SkyOrb Cabin on the Mount Faber Line

SkyOrb Cabin on the Mount Faber Line.

Designed exclusively for the Singapore Cable Car system, the SkyOrb Cabins stand out with their unique spherical shape, a bold departure from traditional cabin designs. These cabins are not just a mode of transportation but a new way to experience the city from above, offering guests 360-degree panoramic views of the Singapore skyline, with glass-bottomed floors adding to the immersive experience.

As night descends, the SkyOrb Cabins transform into glowing orbs, with a ring of lights casting a soft glow around them, further enhancing their futuristic appeal. This thoughtful design, incorporating double window louvres for improved air ventilation, ensures a comfortable journey across the city’s skies.

Mr Buhdy Bok, Managing Director of Mount Faber Leisure Group, shared his vision behind this ambitious project: “Each SkyOrb cabin, soaring through the sky, represents a leap forward in modern design and guest experience. This unique journey between Mount Faber Peak and Sentosa unveils breathtaking views and a new perspective on the city.”

The creation of the SkyOrb Cabins was a collaborative effort with CWA, the renowned Swiss cable car cabin manufacturer, continuing a partnership that dates back to the inception of the Singapore Cable Car in 1974. This collaboration underscores a commitment to innovation and excellence in creating memorable visitor experiences.

The SkyOrb Cabins are now open to guests, with tickets available at the Singapore Cable Car’s Mount Faber and Sentosa Station ticketing counters. An upgrade option is offered to Mount Faber Line and Cable Car Sky Pass ticket holders, allowing them to experience a one-way trip in a SkyOrb Cabin for an additional fee, blending exclusivity with accessibility.

As Singapore continues to push the boundaries of tourist attractions, the SkyOrb Cabins celebrate the past 50 years of the Singapore Cable Car and look forward to the future of urban exploration. This latest addition to Singapore’s skyline is a testament to the city’s relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, inviting visitors and locals alike to gaze into the future from the comfort of a cabin in the sky.

For more information on this breathtaking new experience, visit www.mountfaberleisure.com.




Written by: My Thanh Pham