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Club Med - logoIn a dazzling display of cultural fusion and hospitality, Club Med has unveiled its latest endeavour to revitalize China’s tourism sector. Hosting its inaugural global event at the Lijiang Resort, the affair was christened “Dancing with Yulong,” a nod to the enchanting Jade Dragon Snow Mountain that forms a breathtaking backdrop to the venue. This event marks a significant milestone in Club Med’s strategy to bolster the inbound tourism market to China, taking advantage of the country’s relaxed tourism policies and the global travel industry’s gradual resurgence.

Club Med, a pioneer in the “Premium All-inclusive” vacation segment, extended invitations to around 100 key figures in the tourism industry and media from diverse markets, including Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan region, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, and Belgium. Participants had the unique opportunity to visit Club Med’s resorts in Guilin and Lijiang, where they were immersed in the rich tapestry of China’s cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and the dynamic urban life that defines the modern Chinese experience.

Experiencing the Beauty of China Through Guilin and Lijiang

Visitors to the Guilin Resort were greeted by the spectacular vista of the Li River, its beauty enhanced by the seamless integration of contemporary art within the natural and cultural landscape. The resort’s staff, donning traditional ethnic attire reminiscent of eastern dragons, welcomed guests in a quintessentially Chinese manner, setting the tone for an immersive cultural experience.

The Lijiang Resort offered guests a plethora of activities, including witnessing the awe-inspiring sunrise over the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, exploring Baisha Ancient Town—a World Cultural Heritage site, and delving into the traditional art of Naxi tie-dye. Furthermore, Club Med’s Discovery series offered excursions beyond Lijiang to Kunming, Dali, and Shangri-La, with direct flights from Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong SAR facilitating easy access to these rich cultural expeditions.

A Glocal Approach to Expansion and New Offerings

With ten resorts operating in China, Club Med is expanding its footprint by blending global standards with local flavours, a strategy that has seen the introduction of the Club Med Joyview and Club Med Urban Oasis product lines. These initiatives cater to the growing demand for premium, short-distance vacations and urban retreats, thus broadening Club Med’s appeal within China’s diverse vacation market.

The recent surge in overseas tourist arrivals is a testament to the effectiveness of China’s visa exemption policies and simplified entry procedures. Club Med’s integration of international standards with local elements has enhanced its appeal to a global audience and contributed significantly to the development of China’s leisure vacation market.

Early Bird Booking: Enhancing the Inbound and Outbound Tourism Experience

In line with the predicted growth of China’s outbound tourism, Club Med is actively promoting its “Premium All-inclusive” vacations to domestic and international travellers. The “Early Bird Booking” campaign offers substantial discounts and flexible accommodation options, encouraging travellers to explore new destinations easily.

Andrew Xu, CEO of Club Med China, expressed his enthusiasm for the global brand event’s role in showcasing China’s beauty and Club Med’s unique vacation offerings to the world. With a significant increase in guest arrivals and sustained interest in skiing and summer vacations, Club Med is poised for continued growth in the Chinese market, further enhancing its position as a global leisure vacation industry leader.




Written by: Michelle Warner