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Club Med - logoIn an era where travel and luxury seamlessly blend, Club Med emerges as the beacon of luxury with its groundbreaking announcement of the 2025 season for the illustrious Club Med 2. Catering to the one in four Australians caught in the wanderlust of cruising adventures this year, the pioneer of all-inclusive holiday experiences is charting a course into uncharted waters, heralding a remarkable 500% growth in bookings. This surge is not just a number—it’s a testament to the burgeoning allure of high-seas luxury and the exclusive experiences that Club Med offers.

For a fleeting period starting 27 March, travel aficionados have the golden opportunity to secure up to 20% off on a spectrum of mesmerizing journeys across the Caribbean’s azure blues and Europe’s breathtaking landscapes. However, time and tide wait for no one. With the soaring popularity of Club Med 2, agents are in a race against time to book these coveted itineraries, which promise not just a voyage but an odyssey of luxury and serenity.

The savings beckon with the promise of affordability woven into the fabric of luxury; a seven-night sojourn starts from a mere $3,646 for an adult, unlocking a treasure trove of savings up to $548, and for a family of four, the adventure begins at $11,478, with savings soaring to $2,192. These itineraries are not mere journeys but epic tales waiting to be told. From the charismatic charm of the Caribbean, featuring jewels like St Barth, the Virgin Islands, and the adventurous Bocas del Toro, to the European splendour along the Spanish Coast, the glamour of Cannes, and the timeless beauty of the Greek Islands, Club Med 2 is the key to unlocking these treasures.

Club Med 2, a symphony of simplicity and sophistication, is an intimate yet opulent sailing yacht that offers tranquillity and equal pleasure. As part of Club Med’s Exclusive Collection portfolio, it elevates the all-inclusive experience to new heights, with French Champagne served by the glass daily, symbolizing the epitome of luxury cruising. With the addition of 20 suites and the renovation of 10 cabins, the yacht is an invitation to indulge in an even more luxurious escape.

The diverse itineraries cater to every taste, offering seven- to 21-night adventures across the Caribbean and European waters. Whether you’re basking in the sun-kissed elegance of St Barts and Antigua or exploring the cultural tapestry of the Mediterranean, Club Med 2 is your gateway to a summer of discovery.

Reflecting on the meteoric rise of cruising among Australians, Michelle Davies, General Manager for Club Med Pacific, shared, “The intimate size of Club Med 2 answers the growing demand for unique travel experiences, offering an escape to Europe’s and the Caribbean’s most enchanting destinations without the crowds. Our itineraries, especially along the South Italian Coast and Greece, have captivated the hearts of travelers, particularly in July.”

This unprecedented surge in popularity underscores a broader trend: the pursuit of exclusive, crowd-free travel experiences that promise adventure and serenity. Club Med’s Early Bird Offer for Club Med 2, covering travel dates from 7 November 2024 to 25 October 2025, is not just an offer; it’s an invitation to embark on a journey where luxury meets adventure in the most breathtaking settings on earth.

For those poised to capture the essence of luxury cruising, the Club Med Travel Agents Portal awaits, ready to usher you into a world of exclusive deals and unforgettable journeys. The time is now to plan your dream holiday with Club Med, where every voyage is a story waiting to unfold.




Written by: Yves Thomas