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FocusOnIndia_2024_Sydney_SCG_CREDITDestinationNSWIn an ambitious stride towards global prominence, New South Wales (NSW) has firmly set its sights on India, unfolding a master plan to revitalise the state’s visitor economy through strategic engagement and immersive experience offerings. This initiative, known as the Focus on India program, emerges at a critical juncture, positioning NSW at the pinnacle of Australia’s tourism landscape, particularly with the Indian market.

Last week, Destination NSW rolled out the red carpet for over 35 esteemed travel partners from India in a grand showcase of commitment and hospitality. The gathering was a testament to NSW’s vibrant visitor experiences and a signal of the state’s recognition of India’s crucial role in its tourism economy. The event served as a pivotal forum for NSW visitor economy operators, offering them a rare opportunity to interface directly with critical Indian travel partners, thus facilitating the promotion and sale of Sydney and NSW experiences to an eager and expanding market.

Recent figures from Tourism Research Australia underscore this focus’s timeliness and strategic significance. With Indian visitors clocking over 7 million nights and contributing upwards of $488 million to NSW’s economy for the year ending September 2023, India’s importance to NSW cannot be overstated. Remarkably, NSW now enjoys the highest market share of all states, with 50% of Indian visitors to Australia choosing it as their preferred destination. This resurgence, returning to its preeminent position after six years, showcases an 8% increase in visitors and a 14% rise in visitor expenditure compared to figures before the global disruption caused by COVID-19.

The program’s ambition was matched by its execution, with delegates treated to an array of experiences designed to encapsulate the essence of NSW. The delegation was immersed in the state’s premier offerings, from exclusive workshops at the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground to a gala dinner at the renowned Sydney Opera House. Further afield, visits to the scenic Blue Mountains, the tranquil South Coast, and the picturesque Port Stephens highlighted the diverse appeal of NSW’s regions.

Beyond showcasing the state’s attractions, the program fostered meaningful connections between the Indian delegates and over 30 local businesses. These engagements are poised to catalyze long-term relationships, enhancing NSW’s visibility and appeal in one of its fastest-growing inbound tourism markets.

At the heart of this initiative is the understanding that the Indian traveller is increasingly pursuing unique, experiential travel options. Destination NSW CEO Steve Cox encapsulated this sentiment: “The team at Destination NSW is privileged to have hosted the delegation from India, offering a platform for our visitor economy operators to forge valuable business relationships with key Indian travel partners.”

With Sydney as the gateway to its myriad attractions, NSW’s strategic focus on India is a clear-eyed vision to tap into the burgeoning demand for rich, immersive visitor experiences. This program is more than an initiative; it bridges cultures, economies, and communities, promising a future of mutual growth and understanding between NSW and India.




Written by: Yves Thomas