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Flight Centre - Corporate Traveller - logoIn an unprecedented shift in travel dynamics, the Easter season 2024 is witnessing a monumental transformation. Corporate Traveller, a division renowned for tailoring travel solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises under the Flight Centre Travel Group, reports an astonishing 42% year-on-year uplift in holiday bookings by business travellers this Easter. The figures reflect a burgeoning trend towards blending business with leisure, dubbed ‘bleisure’, and underscore a renewed confidence in travel, painting a vibrant canvas of how professionals are reimagining their holiday escapades.

As the calendar pages turn to the Easter weekend, a notable 47% of these wanderlust-filled professionals are choosing to embark on their journeys as early as Wednesday, March 27, while over a third (37%) are setting off on Thursday, ensuring they maximise every moment of the holiday season. This strategic planning signifies a more profound inclination towards integrating work commitments with leisure pursuits, offering a seamless transition from the boardroom to beachside bliss or city explorations.

The surge in Easter travel is a testament to the growing appeal of ‘bleisure’ and points to a broader economic narrative. Australians are poised to invest an impressive $9.6 billion in domestic and international escapades this Easter, up $500 million from the previous year. This uptick in travel expenditure comes in the wake of aviation firefighters deferring industrial action, which had loomed as a potential disruptor to holiday plans, thus ensuring the skies remain friendly for Easter travellers.

Brisbane, Queensland’s vibrant capital, has emerged as the crowning jewel for Easter 2024, outshining traditional favourites Sydney and Melbourne. The city’s allure is not solely its cultural or culinary offerings but its strategic location, a gateway to the idyllic beaches and theme parks of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. This year, Brisbane has seen a 50% spike in bookings over Sydney and a 46% increase over Melbourne, indicative of its rising popularity as the go-to destination for those seeking a perfect blend of business and leisure opportunities.

Internationally, the allure of New Zealand’s cities – Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington – reigns supreme, underscoring a preference for short-haul trips that promise adventure without the inconvenience of long flights or jet lag. The shift towards these destinations highlights a pragmatic approach to holiday planning, ensuring time away is maximised, whether it’s soaking in Auckland’s optimal Easter weather or exploring Christchurch’s urban regeneration.

Tom Walley, Global Managing Director at Corporate Traveller, Australia, encapsulates the essence of this trend: “This year has seen a remarkable increase in the number of corporate trips being planned around the Easter break. It underscores the value of blending work travel with holidays to save on travel costs while still being able to enjoy time away from work with friends and family.”

As unveiled by Corporate Traveller’s insights, this seismic shift in travel preferences heralds a new era for the travel industry and serves as a beacon for professionals worldwide. It illustrates a burgeoning trend towards more meaningful, cost-effective travel experiences, where the journey becomes as enriching as the destination. As we witness this evolution in travel habits, one thing becomes clear: the lines between work and leisure are not just blurring but merging, crafting a new narrative for the future of travel.




Written by: Soo James