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TAG Global Travel - logoIn an era where global connectivity has never been more vital, The Appointment Group (TAG), a travel and event management titan, has made a monumental stride by acquiring Apex Travel Group, a revered Australian travel company. This strategic move marks TAG’s most significant acquisition in the Asia-Pacific region. It underscores its ambitious global expansion, solidifying its presence across 19 international locations, including powerhouse markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and the newly added New Zealand.

Shane Barr Managing Director, TAG

Shane Barr is the managing director of TAG APAC.

The genesis of this acquisition lies in TAG’s foresighted leadership and relentless pursuit of excellence. Under the guidance of Shane Barr, Managing Director of TAG APAC, the company has seamlessly integrated Apex Travel into its global family. Barr’s vision for this acquisition extends beyond mere expansion; it is about crafting a legacy of unparalleled service and connectivity in the global travel and event management industry. “This acquisition is not just a milestone but a leap towards redefining how global travel and event management can create more integrated and enriched experiences for clients worldwide,” Barr remarked.

Apex Travel, founded by the visionary duo Niall McNamara and Luke Hardaker, brings to TAG an 18-year legacy of innovative travel solutions and a bespoke approach to client service. Originating as McNamara Travel Solutions and rebranded to Apex Travel, the company has thrived by prioritizing personalized, luxury travel experiences, even amidst the industry’s most turbulent times. Their journey from managing high-performing Flight Centre shops in Sydney to establishing a brand that resonates with luxury, precision, and personal touch aligns with TAG’s ethos of excellence and client-centric service.

The collaboration between TAG and Apex Travel is not a newfound alliance but a culmination of years of mutual respect and shared visions. McNamara and Hardaker’s decision to join the TAG family is a testament to this synergistic relationship, poised to unlock new growth and service innovation horizons. “Becoming part of TAG is a dream realized for us. It’s about bringing our expertise to a global stage, where our combined strengths will set new benchmarks in travel and event management,” McNamara shared, echoing the enthusiasm of his co-founder Hardaker.

This acquisition is more than a business transaction; it’s a strategic fusion of talent, expertise, and visions. For TAG, it represents a significant leap in its journey to redefine the global travel and event management landscape. The seamless integration of Apex Travel’s team and clientele into the TAG ecosystem is expected to enrich TAG’s service offerings, making it a formidable force in the industry.

As TAG embarks on this new chapter, the travel and event management sector will be closely watched. Acquiring Apex Travel Group is not just a bold move in TAG’s global expansion strategy but a beacon of innovation, resilience, and unparalleled service in the travel industry. This story is not merely about acquisition but about the journey of two companies towards creating a legacy of excellence and connectivity in the global travel and event management space.




Written by: Michelle Warner