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Spring is the most perfect time of year to recharge your batteries. Nature awakens from hibernation, early bloomers add the first splashes of colour, and wildlife becomes more active. In the STURM garden on the edge of the Rhön, the first insects are humming while guests enjoy the sun’s warming rays.

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According to one (admittedly older) study1, about 61 percent of Germans say springtime makes them want to travel. No wonder temperatures are getting milder, days are getting longer, and the sun is shining more often. At the same time, there is no extreme heat, so outdoor activities are less sweaty – and even saunas are more fun.

Revival and Renewal

“We associate spring at STURM with our (re)blooming garden,” says Kira from the STURM team. “The first flowers are coming up, the first herbs are ready to be harvested, and the sun’s rays are getting stronger,” she enthuses.

The garden loungers now invite guests to enjoy the rays of sunshine and the view of the extensive nature park. If you want to know more, take a guided garden tour. The hotel’s organic gardener will show and explain the STURM garden and offer tips for gardening at home.

Offer: STURMspecial

All year round at STURM: stay five nights and pay only four for a Sunday through Friday stay—plenty of time to soak up the awakening energy of spring and enjoy the STURM.

Spring is also a time for innovation and change. Visitors will find a new relaxation room with cozy poufs. The indoor saunas welcome guests with new fragrant silver fir panelling. Several rooms in the main building have been updated: The bathrooms shine with new splendour and STURM’s signature clean design.

Blossom and Unwind

The organic wellness hotel is located on the edge of the Rhön biosphere reserve. A beautiful natural landscape, therefore, is right on its doorstep, inviting you to watch nature blossom – for example, after a soothing treatment at the RHÖN SPA.

This year, guests can enjoy special infusions and sauna meditations several times weekly. Led by sauna masters Pascal and Katha, these sessions invite guests to dream and let go, relaxing the body and mind. Afterwards, guests can cool off with a dip in the natural pond, which is much less cold than a few weeks ago. The STURM team broke a hole in the ice for the hardened to go ice swimming.

Natural Cosmetics for Him and Her

Treatments at STURM are tailored to your skin type. The spa team combines natural cosmetics from Team Dr Joseph with masks and detoxifying therapies. By the way, STURM also offers personalized cosmetic treatments for men.

Garden Delights

As guests breathe in the spring air, the restaurant kitchen creates healthy and delicious dishes from the year’s first harvests. These include freshly prepared salads and herb spreads. Almost everything not grown in the restaurant’s garden is sourced locally and certified organic.

At Otto|s Restaurant, guests can expect high-quality and, above all, delicious organic food. By the way, looking over the chef’s shoulder is not only allowed but encouraged. The open kitchen concept invites conversation between guests and chefs. They are happy to answer questions about ingredients and preparation and may even share an insider tip. Creating a unique atmosphere and raising awareness of organic, local, and sustainable food.

Wednesday is Veggie Day

Starting this year, Wednesdays will be dedicated to creative and meat-free cuisine. Various vegetarian, vegan, and fish dishes provide variety and inspiration.

Sustainable, Aesthetic, and Relaxing

For Christa and Matthias Schulze Dieckhoff, sustainability and organic are more than just marketing terms. The couple and their team live these issues and consider them in all their decisions. And their guests can tell.

For example, the 1970s hotel building was not torn down. Instead, it was thoroughly modernized. Inside and out, wooden elements create this unique STURM look.

The new buildings and the redesign of the existing building were planned by the Nuremberg architect Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Liebermann. Sustainability and visual integration with nature and the existing building were at the forefront of the concept. Following this philosophy, the rooms overlooking the garden were created and quickly became a favourite among guests. The studio was awarded the “Best Architect Award 24” last year.

Further Sustainable Initiatives and Practices at STURM

  • In-house cogeneration plant and solar thermal and photovoltaic systems – Heat recovery from cooling motors.
  • 100% organic food
  • Member of the Slow Food Movement
  • Ecological and natural gardening
  • Ecological swimming pond
  • Certified climate-neutral

A spring break at STURM is an invitation to awaken and blossom – a sustainable, relaxing experience for guests. At the same time, the STURM team raises awareness and inspires through their daily and honest commitment to sustainable behaviour. And the guests appreciate that as well.




Edited by: William Trevan