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Thailand's Sky-High Oasis UnveiledIn an unparalleled blend of luxury and adventure, Kata Group, the southern Thailand hospitality icon, has proudly announced the opening of its latest masterpiece – Beyond Skywalk Nangshi. This announcement comes as the group celebrates four decades of excellence in the hospitality industry, marking the occasion with a staggering 500-million-baht investment set to redefine the landscape of tourist destinations in Thailand.

Beyond Skywalk Nangshi is not just a new addition to the Kata Group’s prestigious portfolio; it is a statement of intent, a commitment to elevating the travel experience to heights never imagined. Nestled in the heart of Phang Nga Province’s breathtaking scenery, this 57-room haven offers various accommodations to suit every preference, from thrill-seekers to nature lovers, couples seeking romance, or families searching for unforgettable adventures.

Beyond Skywalk Nangshi - A Fusion of Thrill and Serenity in Phang Nga.

Beyond Skywalk Nangshi – A Fusion of Thrill and Serenity in Phang Nga.

At the core of Beyond Skywalk Nangshi’s allure is its record-breaking glass-floor viewing platform, the highest and longest of its kind in Thailand. Suspended 80 meters above sea level and stretching 180 meters in length, this architectural marvel offers awe-inspiring panoramic views of the turquoise Andaman Sea below, with a robust construction that ensures safety and serenity. Guests can walk in the air, experiencing the thrill of hovering above paradise with every step.

Accommodations at Beyond Skywalk Nangshi are meticulously designed to give guests an immersive experience of the natural beauty surrounding them. From the Seaview Tents, offering a cozy retreat with stunning sunrise vistas, to the opulent Pool Villas, providing private pools or Jacuzzis and luxurious comfort, each room type promises a unique perspective on Phang Nga’s enchanting landscape.

Discover Thailand's Latest Jewel

Discover Thailand’s Latest Jewel.

Beyond mere accommodation, Beyond Skywalk Nangshi invites guests to embark on a culinary journey at Horizon, an all-day restaurant where the flavours are as captivating as the views. For a more laid-back experience, the Skywalk Café offers a perfect blend of coffee, light bites, and breathtaking scenery. The fourth-floor infinity pool provides an unmatched vantage point where the Andaman Sea’s majesty is on full display, offering a serene escape from the ordinary.

Adventure awaits beyond the comforts of the resort, with traditional longtail boat excursions that explore the rich tapestry of local islands, from the iconic limestone karsts of James Bond Island to the vibrant underwater world of Panak Island. Each journey is an opportunity to connect with the vibrant culture and warm hospitality that Thailand is renowned for.

Beyond Skywalk Nangshi is more than just a destination; it is an experience, a journey into the heart of luxury, adventure, and natural beauty. As Kata Group embarks on its next forty years, Beyond Skywalk Nangshi stands as a testament to its vision, innovation, and dedication to offering unparalleled experiences to guests from around the globe.

For those eager to step into the beyond and discover what lies on the horizon, visit https://web.facebook.com/BeyondSkywalkNangshi for more information and to book your journey into a new era of luxury travel.




Written by: Yves Thomas