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Chula's Street Food HavenIn the heart of Bangkok, a culinary revolution is brewing, led by the Property Management of Chulalongkorn University (PMCU). The iconic Bantadthong-Samyan neighbourhood, long cherished for its authentic vibes, is transforming remarkably. PMCU is spearheading this change, turning the area into a burgeoning hub of Thai street food that promises an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

Chula-Bantadthong-Samyan is not just another food district; it is an emblem of Thai soft power, skillfully blending the allure of various popular restaurants. This food haven stands out for its commitment to hygiene, quality, and taste, making it a magnet for local gourmets and international food aficionados.

The rising popularity of Thai street food on a global scale is undeniable. Kasikorn Research Center’s 2023 projection puts the market value of this booming industry at a staggering 4.25 billion baht. Bangkok, often hailed as “The Capital of Street Food,” is at the forefront of this trend. Among its many food districts, Chula-Bantadthong-Samyan is fast becoming the go-to destination for the younger generation, rivalling even the famed Siam Square.

Associate Professor Dr. Chittisak Thammapornpilas, Vice President of Property and Physical Management and Director of PMCU, is the visionary behind this transformation. “We aim to elevate the Bantadthong-Samyan neighborhood beyond the popularity of Siam Square,” he says. “Our focus is on providing not just great food but also an exceptional Thai Street Food atmosphere, where convenience, cleanliness, and safety are paramount.”

This food paradise artfully divides its offerings into three tantalizing groups:

  1. Legendary restaurants like Sam Yan Porridge, Jedang Restaurant, and Jewan Soy Milk are steeped in history.
  2. Michelin-Guide restaurants offer a gourmet experience, including Gimpo Fish Porridge, Elvis Suki & Seafood, Leng Leng Fish Balls, and Je Oo Restaurant.
  3. Trendy delicacies that cater to contemporary tastes include CQK Mala Hotpot, Nueng Nom Nua, Everyday Thai Tea, and Mae Duan Thai Dessert.

Dr Chittisak credits the rise in popularity of Chula-Bantadthong-Samyan’s street food to the influential role of social media. He notes that the buzz generated online, coupled with word-of-mouth recommendations, has been pivotal in attracting a diverse crowd of food enthusiasts.

With its strategic location in the city centre and its emphasis on providing a pleasant dining experience, Chula-Bantadthong-Samyan is set to become more than a street food district; it’s poised to be a cultural landmark, a testament to Thailand’s vibrant culinary scene.

To discover more about the charm of Thai street food in this burgeoning district, visit Chula-Bantadthong-Samyan.

In this era of culinary exploration, Chula-Bantadthong-Samyan stands as a beacon of Thai cuisine, inviting all to partake in a journey of taste, tradition, and innovation. This is not just a food destination; it’s a celebration of Thai culture, one delicious bite at a time.




Written by: Christine Nguyen