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WAIKIKIIn an unprecedented move that redefines Oahu’s hospitality landscape, Romer Waikīkī at The Ambassador, a subsidiary of Highgate Hotels, has unveiled its reimagined persona. This transformation, rooted in a multimillion-dollar investment, represents a seismic shift from its previous identity as The Ambassador Hotel Waikīkī. The relaunch of Romer Waikīkī articulates a deep connection with local culture, offering a nuanced, neighbourhood-centric experience for travellers.

Kelly Sanders, Executive Vice President of Operations at Highgate, heralded this milestone, asserting, “Today, we’re not just opening doors; we’re igniting a new energy within the community. Romer Waikīkī doesn’t just occupy space; it lives and breathes the authentic spirit of Oahu.”

The reinvention of Romer Waikīkī is a tapestry of local narratives woven into every aspect of the guest experience. From its 368 distinctively designed rooms, featuring a blend of modern aesthetics and Oahu’s natural beauty, to its eclectic culinary offerings at Waikīkī Swim & Social Club, the hotel is a vibrant canvas showcasing the island’s diversity.

Romer Waikiki at The Ambassador Grand Opening

Romer Waikiki at The Ambassador Grand Opening.

Guests at Romer Waikīkī are treated to an immersive experience that begins with unique key cards doubling as passports to the neighbourhood. These keys unlock curated maps, events, and local happenings, encouraging guests to explore the island’s rich culture.

The hotel’s dining experience, spearheaded by TableOne, serves an array of local and international delicacies, sourcing ingredients from Hawaiian producers like Ho Farms and The Patisserie. The poolside bar, a property highlight, offers a range of specialty cocktails and local brews, encapsulating the essence of island life.

Beyond its physical offerings, Romer Waikīkī’s ethos of community engagement shines through its “Mayor of the Block” initiative. This program offers guests insider access to Oahu, facilitated by local experts, providing bespoke experiences beyond typical tourist paths. The hotel’s commitment to local culture extends to The Corner Store, a space celebrating local artisans and businesses, showcasing products ranging from Hawaiian apothecary to unique island apparel.

Environmentally conscious, Romer has partnered with the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative, embedding sustainability into its core operations. This partnership underscores the hotel’s dedication to preserving Hawaii’s natural beauty and fostering a responsible tourism ethos.

The architectural language of Romer Waikīkī pays homage to its historic roots while embracing a contemporary Hawaiian narrative. Interior spaces are adorned with works from local artists such as J.D. Nālamakūikapō Ahsing and Kris Goto, creating an immersive art experience for guests.

Under the management of Highgate, a leader in hotel innovation, Romer Waikīkī at The Ambassador has been meticulously crafted to offer an unparalleled experience in Oahu’s dynamic hospitality scene. With rates starting at $208 per night, this transformative hotel invites travellers to indulge in a unique blend of local culture and modern luxury.

For more information or to book a stay, guests can visit Romer Waikīkī at The Ambassador.




Written by: Charmaine Lu