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Slackpacking ConnecticutAdventures in Good Company (AGC) has announced a spectacular array of tours for 2024 in an exhilarating development for women who cherish both adventure and camaraderie. These itineraries are not just trips; they are journeys woven with the threads of exploration, cultural immersion, and personal empowerment.

Global Adventures Await: AGC’s 2024 Itineraries

The AGC’s 2024 lineup beckons women to delve into adventures that stretch from the vibrant landscapes of Australia to the historic trails of England, offering a blend of physical challenge and cultural enrichment.

Tanzania Journey ngorongoro highlands Trek and Wildlife Safari

Tanzania Journey Ngorongoro Highlands Trek and Wildlife Safari.

Australia: A Trek Through Wilderness and Culture

The tour down under in Tasmania and Southern Australia is an invitation to witness the stunning contrasts of Australia’s landscapes. From Melbourne’s urban art scene to the serene beauty of the Great Ocean Road, AGC ensures an experience filled with diverse vistas and rich cultural insights. The Three Capes Walk in Tasmania epitomizes this, offering a hike through breathtaking scenery combined with luxurious lodge stays.

Galapagos Islands: A Yacht Adventure Like No Other

AGC’s yacht journey through the Galapagos Islands presents an intimate encounter with one of the world’s most pristine ecosystems. Aboard the Beluga, adventurers will navigate a land where wildlife reigns supreme. This trip is a harmonious blend of leisure and discovery, appealing to those seeking serenity and adventure.

England’s Lake District: A Hiker’s Paradise

The hike through England’s Lake District is a testament to AGC’s commitment to combining physical activity with cultural exploration. Traversing this storied landscape, participants will tread paths that have inspired poets and writers, absorbing the region’s literary heritage as they explore its natural beauty.

Tanzania: A Journey of Discovery

The Tanzania trek and safari offer an unparalleled opportunity to explore the African wilderness. From the Ngorongoro Highlands to the vast expanses of the Serengeti, this journey is a blend of adventure and luxury, offering a unique perspective on Tanzania’s diverse ecosystems and rich cultural tapestry.

Slackpacking Connecticut

Slackpacking Connecticut.

Connecticut’s Appalachian Trail: A Unique Slackpacking Experience

In an innovative twist on traditional hiking, AGC’s Slackpacking trip along Connecticut’s section of the Appalachian Trail offers a unique balance of challenge and comfort. This journey showcases the region’s scenic beauty and historical charm, allowing participants to immerse themselves in nature without the burden of heavy backpacking gear.

Empowering Women Through Travel

At the core of AGC’s mission is the empowerment of women. Their tours are meticulously crafted to foster connections – with nature, different cultures, and, notably, other women. These experiences transcend mere travel; they are about building confidence, understanding, and lifelong bonds.

Kelly Kimple, CEO of Adventures in Good Company, encapsulates this ethos, “Our tours are more than just trips; they are catalysts for growth and understanding. We’re dedicated to creating experiences that not only showcase the beauty of the world but also highlight the strength and spirit of the women who join us.”

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

AGC’s dedication to sustainability and responsible tourism is evident in its commitment to supporting local, women-led businesses. This approach enriches their tours and contributes positively to the economies and communities they visit.

A World of Adventure Awaits

With over 100 destinations worldwide, AGC remains the premier choice for adventurous women. Their thoughtful itineraries and attention to detail ensure every trip is not just a journey but a life-affirming experience.

For more information on these transformative adventures and to embark on your journey of discovery, visit Adventures in Good Company.




Written by: Jason Smith