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Travelex AustraliaIn a world rapidly rebounding from the constraints of global travel restrictions, Travelex, a leader in the foreign exchange market, has boldly announced a significant expansion. This move, involving over 75 new international bureaux, kiosks, and ATMs, signifies a resurgence in global travel and a redefinition of the forex retail experience.

Travelex Schiphol ATM

Travelex Schiphol ATM.

Travelex’s strategic expansion extends across continents, with significant developments in Europe, the UK, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil. This global growth is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and customer convenience, a priority echoed by Travelex CEO Richard Wazacz, “Our focus on customer convenience is unwavering, and this expansion is a clear statement that both travel, and Travelex, are on the rise once again.”

Travelex celebrates its 30th anniversary in Europe in Germany with an expanded ATM network, including new locations at major airports and the Netherlands’ national railway network. This expansion is complemented by contract renewals at Hamburg Airport and within the tax refund sector in the Netherlands.

The UK sees Travelex launching pioneering services, such as a first-ever bureau at a rail station in London Paddington and a novel automated FX kiosk at London Heathrow. This innovation spree also brings new stores, including one at Edinburgh Airport, and the introduction of cutting-edge technology like three-meter LED walls at Heathrow terminals.

The Middle East witnessed a substantial investment with new bureaux and On-The-Move kiosks across UAE airports and the Mina Rashid seaport, alongside ATMs at the Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal and the new Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal A. Oman and the UAE further highlight Travelex’s retail footprint expansion, marking essential anniversaries and the inauguration of new stores.

Travelex Sao Paulo

Travelex Sao Paulo.

In Asia, Travelex’s presence grows with new stores at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and upcoming ones at Shanghai Pudong Airport. Japan sees the introduction of the Travelex Travel Money Card, marking 20 years of Travelex in the country.

Travelex’s expansion down under includes six new stores in Australia and three in New Zealand, in partnership with the Bank of New Zealand. This collaboration offers 1.2 million BNZ customers access to discounted travel money, underscoring Travelex’s commitment to partnership and customer value.

Brazil’s expansion includes seven new stores nationwide, including in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, bringing the total to over 125 stores. This growth aligns with Travelex’s announcement of a £90m refinancing package to expand its retail offering further and invest in digital transformation and product innovation.

As international travel reaches 93.1% of pre-Covid levels, with emerging markets driving demand, Travelex’s expansion is not just a growth story but a narrative of resilience and foresight. It’s a tale of a brand evolving, placing customer convenience and innovative solutions at the forefront of its global journey.




Written by: Jason Smith