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UNPACK ’24 THE TRENDS IN TRAVEL FROM EXPEDIA, WOTIF AND STAYZIn an unprecedented revelation, Expedia Group brands, encompassing Expedia, Wotif, and Stayz, have released “Unpack ’24,” a comprehensive analysis predicting the evolution of travel in 2024. This report, founded on an extensive database of first-party travel data and a global consumer survey encompassing 20,000 individuals, delineates eight groundbreaking trends to redefine the travel landscape.

Daniel Finch, Managing Director of Expedia Brands, asserts, “With ‘Unpack ’24,’ we delve into our extensive insights to unveil unexpected destinations and intriguing motivations behind travel choices in 2024. From regional ‘glow up’ destinations to concerts by icons like Taylor Swift and Coldplay, these trends are the new frontiers of travel.”11 Years of Taylor Swift!!!!!

One of the most compelling insights is the emergence of “Destination Dupes” – affordable alternatives to popular travel destinations. This trend, akin to the ‘dupe’ phenomenon on TikTok, sees travellers exploring less-heralded but equally enchanting locations. The 2024 list includes Taipei as a dupe for Seoul, Pattaya for Bangkok, and Paros for Santorini, among others. Each destination has witnessed a significant surge in interest, with global searches for the top five destinations doubling year-over-year.

Tourism is also witnessing a transformative phase with the concept of ‘Tour Tourism.’ The cultural phenomenon of tours like Eras and Renaissance has spiked ticket sales and catalysed travel and tourism. Expedia’s analysis indicates a notable trend where over 60% of Australian respondents are inclined to travel for concerts, often to explore new places.

Another momentum trend is ‘Set-jetting,’ inspired by television and film. Locations featured in popular media, such as Thailand from “The White Lotus” season 3 and Romania from “Wednesday” season 2, are becoming prime travel destinations. This trend outpaces traditional influencers like Instagram and TikTok, with over 40% of travellers admitting that TV shows and films influence their travel decisions.

In a shift towards health-conscious travel, ‘Dry Tripping’ is emerging, where nearly 40% of Australian travellers express interest in alcohol-free vacation options. This reflects a growing preference for a sober-curious lifestyle, prompting the travel industry to acknowledge and cater to this demographic.

Moreover, the concept of ‘Regional Glow Ups’ is gaining traction. It refers to transforming regional areas into desirable travel destinations, often triggered by new openings like high-end restaurants or hotels. This trend is particularly noticeable in Australia, where towns like Newcastle, Kirra, and Geelong are experiencing a surge in popularity.

2024 also marks the rise of ‘Alternate Occasions’ in travel. Unique celebrations like ‘puppymoons’ and ‘first-date-iversaries’ are becoming reasons for getaways, with many travellers seeking any excuse to travel with loved ones.

The allure of outdoor amenities in private holiday homes is evolving, with preferences for features like hot tubs, fire pits, and sports facilities. This trend reflects a desire for experiences that are either aspirational or trial-before-purchase in nature.

In a significant technological leap, generative AI is expected to play a pivotal role in travel planning. While only 15% of Australian travellers utilized AI tools like ChatGPT in 2023, a surge in adoption is anticipated in 2024. This technology is valued for its ability to simplify planning and shopping, with nearly 40% of travellers likely to use it for finding ideal stays and comparing flight options.

“Unpack ’24” paints a vivid picture of the future of travel, marked by technological advancement and the exploration of unconventional destinations. For a comprehensive understanding, visit www.expedia.com.au/travel-trends-unpack-24 and delve into the full report.




Written by: Jill Walsh