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RollAwayIn an audacious leap into the future of travel, Silicon Valley’s latest marvel, RollAway, has announced the introduction of a new concept in travel – a mobile luxury suite on wheels, poised to redefine road trips with a potent blend of opulence and eco-consciousness.

RollAway Luxury on the Move

RollAway: Adaptability and freedom are at the heart of RollAway’s interior designs.

Dubbed as a paradigm shift in wanderlust, these mobile suites are a symphony of luxury and adventure. With a capacity to host two guests, the vans are a testament to grandeur, boasting a plush Queen-sized bed, an Ensuite Bathroom, a versatile Living and dining area, and a fully equipped Kitchenette. The inclusion of Starlink connectivity catapults these vans into the realm of mobile offices, enabling work-from-anywhere possibilities for the modern nomad.

But it’s not just about stationary luxury. RollAway’s vans are a canvas for the imagination. The interior space, characterized by adaptability, transforms seamlessly to match the traveller’s whims – from a chic dining area to a cozy living room, morphing into a sumptuous bedroom at night. This flexibility is the cornerstone of RollAway’s design philosophy, ensuring that every journey is as unique as its traveller.

The innovation extends to services as well. A 24/7 live virtual concierge stands ready to cater to every need – reservation assistance, directions, or roadside help. The curated travel itineraries, exclusive spa toiletries, Yeti outdoor adventure amenities, and a convenient housekeeping kit are added to the allure.

In a move that intertwines luxury with sustainability, RollAway has forged a partnership with BrightDrop, a General Motors-owned EV manufacturer. This collaboration has birthed an electric van with a commendable 250-mile range and Fast Charging capabilities, ensuring that travellers journey in style and contribute to a greener planet.

However, RollAway is not just about the journey but also about accessibility. The company has meticulously set the age bar, requiring operators of these mobile suites to be at least 25 years old with a valid driver’s license. Accompanying passengers must meet specific age and height criteria, ensuring safety for all.

The anticipation for these suites is palpable, as RollAway has already opened its doors for pre-bookings on Indiegogo. With special rates starting from USD$ 749 for a two-night stay, adventurers can secure their spot for an unparalleled travel experience, starting in the San Francisco Bay Area in April 2024.

This launch marks more than just the inauguration of a new product; it heralds a new epoch in travel. RollAway’s luxury van suites are not just a mode of transport; they are a lifestyle statement, a pledge to sustainable luxury, and an invitation to explore without boundaries. With RollAway, travellers are not just moving but arriving with every mile.




Written by: Jason Smith