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NEOM Corporate LogoIn a groundbreaking development for the tourism sector, NEOM, the visionary sustainable development in northwest Saudi Arabia, has introduced Epicon, a luxurious coastal tourism destination poised to redefine the contours of hospitality and architecture. Located on the serene Gulf of Aqaba, Epicon emerges as a paradigm of luxury and innovation in the desert landscape of NEOM.

Epicon is not merely a destination but a journey into the future of luxury living. The development features two architectural marvels: towers soaring 225 and 275 meters, respectively. These towers are set to house an ultra-premium 41-key hotel and exclusive residential spaces, including 14 opulent suites and apartments.

A stone’s throw away, the Epicon resort melds tranquillity with opulence, offering 120 rooms and 45 exquisite residential beach villas. This blend of serene beachfront living and luxurious amenities makes Epicon a pinnacle of residential excellence.

Epicon, NEOM's luxury coastal tourism destination on the Gulf of Aqaba.

Epicon NEOM’s luxury coastal tourism destination on the Gulf of Aqaba.

The essence of Epicon lies in its holistic approach to luxury. It offers a plethora of experiences, from relaxing at an elite beach club and indulging in bespoke wellness treatments at the spa to exploring nature and engaging in various watersports. Epicon’s destination restaurants promise culinary adventures that are as unforgettable as diverse.

Epicon is an attractive visitor destination and an optimum living space. It embodies a philosophy of life-affirming experiences, aiming to set new standards in livability through innovation, world-class services, and unparalleled experiences. Its residences and beach villas are designed to offer a luxurious and sustainable lifestyle, making it an iconic benchmark in high-end living.

The facilities at Epicon cater to the discerning tastes of its guests and residents. With unrestricted access to world-class amenities such as a state-of-the-art gym, library, workspaces, pools, and lounges, all complemented by stunning views of one of NEOM’s most desirable shorelines, Epicon stands as a testament to NEOM’s commitment to redefining the luxury tourism experience.

This announcement comes on the heels of the recent unveiling of Leyja, NEOM’s sustainable tourism venture within a breathtaking natural valley. Epicon and Leyja are set to enrich NEOM’s ecotourism portfolio, aligning with the Kingdom’s broader sustainable and innovative development objectives.

In summary, Epicon is more than just a destination; it promises a future where luxury, sustainability, and innovation converge to create experiences that are as enriching as they are extraordinary.




Written by: Bridget Gomez