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BWH Hotels Commits to Sustainable HospitalityIn an era where sustainability and social responsibility are at the forefront of global attention, BWH Hotels, a leading global hotel brand, has boldly stepped up to the plate by launching its groundbreaking Earth, People, and Community (EPC) initiative. This visionary program is a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility, setting a new benchmark for the hospitality industry.

BWH Hotels, with its vast network of properties and industry influence, is strategically positioned to lead the charge in sustainable hospitality. The EPC initiative is meticulously designed to provide hotels with pragmatic, cost-effective solutions to drive sustainable development, meet the growing eco-conscious expectations of guests, and fortify community bonds.

“At BWH Hotels, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to embedding sustainable practices into our operations, celebrating diversity within our workforce, and forging strong partnerships with charitable organizations. The EPC initiative is a pivotal step in solidifying our reputation as the preferred choice for both accommodations and employment,” asserts Rod Munro, Managing Director of Operations, BWH Hotels Australasia.

Embodying the core values of hospitality, diversity, and community engagement, the EPC initiative underscores BWH Hotels’ long-term commitment to responsible operation, championing an inclusive culture and fostering robust connections with local communities.

Rod Munro further elaborates, “The Earth, People, and Community pillars encapsulate our ongoing dedication to sustainability and responsible tourism. Our collaborative efforts with The University of Queensland are paving the way for our hotels to evolve sustainably, ensuring a greener future for generations of travelers.”

In an exemplary partnership with Professor Sara Dolnicar and her Low Harm Hedonism team at The University of Queensland, BWH Hotels is rigorously assessing its environmental performance and exploring innovative solutions to influence guest behaviour positively. These solutions aim to reduce environmental impacts while ensuring guest satisfaction remains paramount.

“Our journey towards environmental sustainability won’t happen overnight, but the collective adoption of effective, practical measures across the hotel industry can lead to significant improvements. Our alliance with BWH Hotels is a catalyst for change, benefiting the wider hospitality sector as we share our findings and cost-reducing strategies,” affirms Professor Sara Dolnicar.

Current research initiatives at BWH Hotels include an insightful study on in-room refrigerator usage across Australian properties, aiming to address underutilization and its impact on guest satisfaction. Another impending study focuses on the power of communication in reducing air conditioner usage, showcasing the brand’s innovative approach to sustainability.

BWH Hotels is also empowering its properties with a comprehensive Sustainability Handbook, outlining effective measures such as:

  • Reducing daily room cleans by altering service defaults (up to 63% reduction)
  • Sharing monetary savings with guests to incentivize fewer room cleans (up to 42% reduction)
  • Decreasing plate size at buffets to cut food waste by 20%
  • Introducing a stamp collection game at buffets, increasing families leaving no food waste behind by 34%

By adopting these sustainable practices and fostering a culture of responsibility, BWH Hotels stands tall as a paragon of eco-friendly hospitality. To learn more about the EPC initiative and join the sustainable journey, visit joinbwhhotels.com.au/sustainability.




Written by: Octavia Koo