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Trip.com logoIn a grand spectacle of innovation and collaboration, the Trip.com Group recently convened its Global Partner Summit in the heart of Singapore, heralding a new era of growth and synergies in the travel sector. Hosted at the prestigious Resorts World Singapore – Convention Centre, the summit saw more than 2,000 esteemed partners and media personnel participate, spanning various travel ecosystem niches, such as accommodations, airlines, and destination marketing.

James Liang, the visionary Co-Founder and Chairman of Trip.com Group, seized the opportunity to delve into travel’s unique nuances from multiple perspectives. “Travel addresses a profound psychological need, an insatiable desire. Economically, it stands as a high-growth sector with a promising long-term outlook. Socially, it fosters human connection, encourages dialogue, and nurtures peace and inclusivity. Philosophically, it is a catalyst for innovation, driving the sustained prosperity of human civilization,” Liang elucidated.

“At the heart of Trip.com Group, our commitment is unwavering – to craft unparalleled travel experiences. We are on a relentless pursuit of innovation, delving into the realms of AI, content marketing, and sustainable practices, all to elevate the user experience while staunchly protecting our planet and communities.”

The tourism landscape is witnessing a robust resurgence, and Trip.com Group is at the forefront of this revitalization. By organizing its Global Partner Conference outside its home turf for the first time, the company has boldly underscored its global aspirations and dedication to fostering growth among its global partners. This strategic move is a testament to the Group’s “Local Focus, Global Vision” ethos, spotlighting the boundless potential of both inbound and outbound tourism.

ane Sun, CEO of Trip.com Group, delivers keynote speech to partners at the Global Partner Summit

Jane Sun, CEO of Trip.com Group, delivers a keynote speech to partners at the Global Partner Summit.

Jane Sun, the dynamic CEO of Trip.com Group, took to the stage to reflect on the impressive recovery trajectory of the company and the vast growth horizons ahead. “We are guided by a formidable strategy, an arsenal of multi-dimensional innovations in content marketing, and a suite of AI-driven products. These elements have been instrumental in solidifying the Group’s business, hastening our recovery, and unveiling new avenues for growth,” Sun shared with conviction.

“Our strategies are yielding dividends. We’ve witnessed a twofold increase in Trip.com bookings this year compared to 2019, and flight reservations through our EU partners have skyrocketed by seven times.”

The summit was also a celebration of the remarkable growth achieved across various business verticals. The Group reported a 60% average increase in domestic hotel reservation volumes across its partner hotels. Furthermore, there was a noticeable uptick in transactions for global scenic attraction tickets and reservations via Trip.com, with domestic group tours witnessing a 53.6% surge in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) compared to the same period in 2019.

Trip.com Group’s avant-garde marketing strategies have fueled unprecedented growth, tripling the influx of new customers and pushing product sales up by 263% in the first three quarters of the year alone. The Group has successfully attracted a 54-fold increase in new customers for air tickets. In contrast, innovative product bundles such as concert tickets with hotel packages have propelled hotel reservations to an astounding 188-fold increase in recent months.

Bo Sun, CMO of Trip.com Group, presents on partnership cooperation and expanding content marketing ecosystem

Bo Sun, CMO of Trip.com Group, presents on partnership cooperation and expanding the content marketing ecosystem.

With a profound commitment to community upliftment and sustainability, Trip.com Group has integrated sustainable travel products across its myriad services, including flights, car rentals, and corporate travel. Over 16 million travellers have embraced these eco-friendly options, showcasing a clear preference for the company’s low-carbon products.

In its quest to foster a greener travel industry, Trip.com Group unveiled its Low-Carbon Hotel standard initiative, a collaborative effort with hotel partners to champion sustainable practices and catalyse a shift towards a more resilient travel ecosystem.

Trip.com Group’s extensive global reach, diversified supply chain, and advanced technological capabilities uniquely position it to amplify regional and local destinations, connecting them with a global audience of enthusiastic travellers.

Bo Sun, the Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, expressed, “We are deepening our strategic partnerships in Singapore, leveraging our status as a premier travel service provider to unlock new opportunities and expand our reach to international customers. Our robust supply chain, cutting-edge technology, and extensive reach empower us to showcase the best of regional and local destinations to a global audience, while also attracting global travelers to Singapore.”

The recent data speaks volumes about the growing allure of Singapore as a travel destination, with Resort World Singapore Group witnessing an 85% QoQ increase in UV search for Q2 and a further 33% increase in Q3. During the recent Golden Week holiday, Singapore hotel bookings soared by 370% compared to the previous year.

Bo Sun concluded with heartfelt gratitude, “This summit marks our inaugural global partner event held overseas, and we extend our deepest thanks to the Singapore Tourism Board and all our stakeholders for their unwavering support and collaboration. Singapore holds a special place in our hearts, not just as a top destination among our customers, but also as the home of Trip.com’s International Headquarters. We are committed to strengthening our partnerships here, inviting more travelers to experience the unique allure of this vibrant nation.”




Written by: Stephen Morton