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Gem quality pearls_LRIn an exciting unveiling that sets the stage for a new chapter in luxury expedition travel, PONANT, the global frontrunner in lavish sea expeditions, together with PASPALEY, a name synonymous with luxury pearling, announces the forthcoming launch of the “Paspaley Pearl by PONANT.” This boutique expedition motor yacht, which can graciously host 30 esteemed guests, signifies a transformative era in upscale Kimberley explorations.

The inaugural season of the M/Y Paspaley Pearl is eagerly anticipated for June 2024, marking a landmark moment in boutique expeditionary travel. Sarina Bratton AM, the esteemed Chairwoman of PONANT Asia Pacific, expressed her pride and enthusiasm in this collaborative endeavour, stating, “The Paspaley Pearl by PONANT stands as a testament to our collective commitment to presenting unparalleled and exclusive experiences to the discerning traveller. This launch signifies a monumental stride in the evolution of boutique expedition travel, and we are thrilled to elevate the standard of excellence in this untouched region.”

Echoing her sentiments, Nicholas Paspaley AC, the Executive Chairman of PASPALEY, shared his excitement about introducing travellers to the historic routes pioneered by his crew in the 1970s. “Boarding our pearl luggers offers a unique window into the world of pearling, providing our guests with enriching experiences and a profound understanding of this intricate industry,” he remarked.

Boasting over 85 years of combined expertise in the Kimberley region and remote maritime operations, PONANT and PASPALEY are uniquely positioned to offer an unrivalled experience to travellers seeking extraordinary adventures in one of the planet’s most distinctive locales.

The M/Y Paspaley Pearl is set to redefine luxury expedition yachting as the only boutique motor yacht in the Kimberley to feature private balconies alongside the highest environmental and technical systems standards, a rarity in boutique vessels of this stature. Year-round operations ensure a spectrum of travel itineraries to suit every preference, with options ranging from seven to fourteen-night journeys, traversing the pristine Kimberley, the exotic archipelagos of Indonesia (Raja Ampat & Spice Islands), and the untouched beauty of Papua New Guinea.

As we await further details and the opening of reservations in November, the Paspaley Pearl by PONANT promises a fusion of luxury, adventure, and unparalleled service, setting a new benchmark in boutique expeditionary travel.




Written by: Bridget Gomez