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“A Bus Tour Across China” is the first mobile bus studio program of the whole network created by the China Media Group. “The Silk Road Journey Season” will set out for Alshaa, on September 27th and 29th, Beijing time. Together with China Media Group Mobile, from Badain Jaran Desert to the poplar forest of Ejin Banner, from Tonghu grassland to Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center etc., audiences can experience the “10,000 possibilities” of Alshaa.

Here, we have the one and only geopark themed on desert in the worldThe populus euphratica forest in the Ejina Banner of Alshaa, one of the three largest in the world; and JSLC, one of the world’s top three satellite launch centers.

The splendid culture, long history, unique landforms, and the world-renowned high-tech achievements  are pearls shining on the land of Alshaa.

Alshaa, a vast and magical land, locates at the place where Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Gansu join.

Alshaa is a word taken from Mongol. It means “a place rich in colors”. Located at the west end of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and adjacent to Mongolian Plateau in the north, Hexi Corridor in the south, Helan in the east and Tianshan in the west, Alshaa occupies a total area of 270,000 square kilometers, and is the largest city of Inner Mongolia.

Here, the mingling of the colors of mountains, rivers, deserts and forests creates a land “rich in colors”.

Here, you can find the red Wulan Lake, “the heart of the world”, the green Tonghu Prairie, the golden populus euphratica forest in the Ejina Banner of Alshaa, and the azure blue Juyan River.

Here, eastern and western culture, and prairie culture and farming culture meet, mingle and develop together. As an important path to the prairie silk road, the culture here is also “rich in color”.

Still, there are more you can find in Alshaa.

This land is not only a pasture, but also a land that help realize the dream of the Chinese people to explore the outer space. JSLC is located at the Ejina Banner of Alshaa. It is the earliest, largest and most advanced comprehensive test launch site in China and is also the only manned space launch site in China that is listed among the top three sites worldwide.

Alshaa also has the Ceke Port, which is an important transportation hub, trade center, cargo distribution site and resource channel in the northwest of China.

The Ceke Port, which is located in the Alshaa Ejina Banner of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is a port of entry between China and Mongolia, corresponding with the Shiveekhuren Port of the Ömnögovi Province of Mongolia. As the forefront of China’s effort to build an important base for cooperation with countries to the north of China, Ceke Port is actively participating in the construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative and the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor.

This year, the total import volume via the Sino-Mongolian Ceke Port reached 10 million tons, and the largest single-day trade volume exceeded 100,000 tons, which hits a historical high in the past three years, witnessing breakthroughs in both gross annual volume and single-day trade volume.

Discovering Alshaa Together with the World

What can you expect in Alshaa?

This episode of the “A Bus Tour Across China – The Silk Road Journey Season” will take you on a journey to Alshaa from September 27 to September 29. We are going to show you the multiple perspectives to see Alshaa.

Here, you can enjoy a “Starry Sky Concert in the Desert” comprising bonfires, fireworks, horse riding, archery, camel races, stone feasts, and melodious long tunes, Taobuxiuer (a local musical instrument) playing, and camping on the grassland.

In this vast and magical land of “Heavenly Alshaa”, the desert culture, prairie culture, camel culture, spaceflight culture and stone culture will present you a unique culture experience

From September 27 to September 29, stay with us, to discover Alshaa together with the world.

Source: China Media Group Mobile