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Atly LogoAtly’s ‘Ask Around’: The Social Mapping Evolution That Transforms Influencer Engagement and Insight Gathering.

In an era where digital interaction is the linchpin of connectivity, Atly, the groundbreaking user-generated social mapping platform, has catapulted into the limelight with its avant-garde ‘Ask Around’ tool. This progressive feature promises influencers a more accessible, swifter, and efficient way to amass and disseminate location-specific advice and insights.

Historically, influencers have been revered for their individualistic perspectives and unparalleled access to their vast follower bases’ collective intelligence. The conventional method of accumulating feedback from followers – scanning through heaps of comments and direct messages and subsequently creating a tangible resource to share these insights – has been an arduous, time-draining endeavour. The existing platforms rarely provided a consolidated and organized means to present and leverage this data effectively.

Enter Ask Around.

The digital ecosystem is shifting radically with Atly’s tool, which seamlessly synthesizes location-specific endorsements from followers directly onto an influencer’s map. With the simple sharing of a personalized link, followers can relay their recommendations without leaving the app. The upshot? A rich, dynamic map with community-sourced suggestions gives influencers a potent instrument to share nuanced information. It provides followers with immersive, comprehensive maps crafted from the contributions of a like-minded community.

Uriel Maslansky, the visionary CEO and Co-Founder of Atly commented on this breakthrough, “The past paradigm of influencer-follower engagement lacked collaboration. Ask Around is our bold step to redress this, redefining the dynamics of influencer interaction and pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable with social mapping.”

‘Ask Around’ intrinsic value isn’t just the augmentation of influencer engagement. It’s the monumental volume of data that can be amassed in record time, a feat unthinkable in the pre-Ask Around world. Whether it’s discovering obscure treasures in urban jungles or spotlighting the trending gastronomical wonders, the potential is boundless.

Highlighting the immense potential of this feature, Joshua Kaufman, Atly’s Co-Founder, opined, “The data influencers can now accumulate is unparalleled, potentially overshadowing dedicated, niche-specific platforms. Whether it’s charting top gluten-free hubs or identifying must-visit tourist hotspots, the ripple effect of this enhanced interactivity promises an enriched experience for all Atly users.”

Lauren Murawski, the brains behind the celebrated @eat.glutenfreewithme on Instagram, is a testament to this tool’s efficacy. She praised Ask Around, underscoring how invaluable it is during her travels, lauding its ability to unearth local gluten-free marvels, a herculean task without community input.

For those eager to experience the transformative prowess of ‘Ask Around’, it’s now available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. Jump into the future of social mapping and experience first-hand how Atly is redefining the influencer landscape.




Written by: Jill Walsh