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I don’t know how many of you have browsed our website over the last weeks, but those who have will know how many cruises with industry rates are offered to TIC members. Usually, industry rates are considered ‘top up’ to the cruise lines’ regular sales. Still, there is a new wave with more industry inventory being offered to us, much further out than expected. So much so you will see some industry rates available until March 2025. I highlight this because since the pandemic’s restart, much has changed as the industry rebuilds from a standstill, and there are some remarkable opportunities for TIC members to access right now. We want to ensure you make the most of your membership and the benefits offered to you.

Seabourn has over 120 cruises currently available for TIC members with industry rates. Our newsletters each week can only show you snippets of what is on offer and encourage you to visit the website. TIC also focuses on finding new and different itineraries for the avid, adventurous and curious member cruisers. Prices are always subject to availability when booking, hence the suggestion that frequent browsing will keep you more informed. Each day the cruises are on sale, the availability decreases!

Interested in a particular region?

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Seabourn – great industry rates.

Over 120 sailings are currently on industry rates.

Discounts – thousands of $ per person. 

Savings and prices are per person.
All-inclusive – 5-star ultimate luxury at sea.

Broome/Honiara 01 Aug 24 nights from $28349, TIC $18899
Honiara/Guam 24 Aug 15 nights from $19169, TIC $12779
Papeete/Santiago 27 Sep 24 20 nights from $27449, yours $18299
New York/Montreal 12 Oct 12 nights from $9899, for you $7919
Miami/Los Angeles (Panama Canal) 01 Dec 21 nights from $13499, TIC $8999
Buenos Aires/Miami (South America & Amazon) 20 Feb 33 nights, TIC $16259
Antarctica Ushuaia return Oct – Feb 10 nights from $17999, TIC $10799
Sydney/Kobe (in-depth South East Asia) 21 Feb 57 nights from $31499, TIC $20999
Singapore return (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam) 04 Feb 14 nights from $9499, TIC $7499
Athens/Tel Aviv (Adriatic, Turkey, Cyprus)21 Apr 12 nights from $14399, TIC $8199
Lisbon/Lisbon (Canary Islands, Morocco) 26 Apr 12 nights from $8999, for you $6299
Reykjavik/Kangerlussuaq 30 Aug 15 nights from $17099, TIC $11399

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