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Outbound Hotels logoOutbound Hotels Revolutionizes Adventure Lodging: A New Era of Nature-Centric Hospitality Arises.

In a striking move to redefine the traveller’s experience, Outbound Hotels unveils its enchanting collection of properties strategically dotted from Jackson Hole, WY, to Mammoth Lakes, CA. This game-changer in hospitality beckons modern explorers to dive deep into nature’s wonders while enveloped in opulent comfort and soulful cultural immersion.

It’s not just about staying; it’s about belonging. Stepping into an Outbound Hotels property does more than offer you a bed—it inducts you into a community. The ‘Outbounders’ community champions the ideals of inclusive, genuine, and heartfelt connections.

Exterior The Virginian Lodge Photo_Credit_Josten_Rositas

Exterior The Virginian Lodge

Outbound Hotels’ innovative formula is sheer genius: fuse music, local culture, and nature, then serve it with a unique lodging experience. They’ve audaciously flipped the traditional hospitality script. Instead of merely replicating the outdoors inside, they strategically place properties close to both natural havens and buzzing local scenes. This gives adventurers the luxury of diving into thrilling outdoor escapades and relaxing in settings brimming with the quintessential Outbound Hotels warmth.

The synergy between Outbound Hotels and its prestigious partners is palpable. By aligning with hospitality stalwarts like Springboard Hospitality and design moguls The Gettys Group, they’ve infused each property with a genuinely unparalleled charm. The commitment to elevating guest experiences is evident through partnerships with niche brands. Picture enjoying a smokeless fire pit courtesy of Solo Stove or accessing 24/7 pet health insights through The Kin app—a brainchild of the famed pet blog, The Wildest.

Outbound Mammoth - Fireplace Suite

Outbound Mammoth – Fireplace Suite

Each property gleams with curated on-site experiences designed to foster community ties. Free campfire s’mores, poolside morning yoga, vibrant karaoke nights, and soulful live music sessions are just the tip of the iceberg. Plus, families, solo travellers, couples, and even pets find a haven in Outbound Hotels’ properties, ensuring everyone finds their slice of connection.

Matthew Mering, Waterton’s executive vice president of hospitality and the driving force behind Outbound Hotels, eloquently sums up the brand’s ethos: “We venture beyond the ordinary to showcase the essence of these wondrous destinations. Our mission is to turn our guests into Outbounders—intrepid explorers who relish nature’s marvels and hold dear the locales they traverse.”

The Virginian Lodge in Jackson Hole, WY, is a shining jewel in the Outbound Hotels crown. Conceived in the 1960s by Glenn Napierskie, it’s a testament to timeless hospitality. And then there’s the rebranded Outbound Mammoth in Mammoth Lakes, CA, which epitomizes the brand’s flair for rebirth and luxury.

Diverse accommodations make stays memorable, from intimate cabins to sprawling suites, backed by essentials like free Wi-Fi, in-room brews, and a dedicated concierge team. Competitive pricing, with rates commencing at USD$150, ensures luxury remains accessible.

Outbound Hotels has ambitious blueprints for expansion, with the spotlight on opening properties in Stowe, VT, by mid-2024 and a groundbreaking venture in Yosemite National Park by early 2025. Collaborating with Brooklyn’s creative powerhouse, One Union Studio, the upcoming projects promise to be masterpieces in design.

To embark on a journey with Outbound Hotels, curate your next adventure at www.outboundhotels.com.




Written by: Matthew Thomas