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Australia’s closest South Pacific Neighbour, New Caledonia, is the perfect place for an adventurous self-drive getaway. Less than 3 hours from Sydney, 2 hours from Brisbane and with soon-to-be relaunched flights from Melbourne, New Caledonia is an easily accessible road trip destination with beautiful and diverse landscapes waiting to be explored.

While it’s really easy to create your own self-drive itinerary or follow the ones the tourism board has put together here, some travellers might feel more comfortable going on a guided road trip tour. Luckily, The Road Trip recently launched two fantastic self-drive packages for the destination. These packages give travellers the freedom to be guided through the destination and you’ll have the flexibility of choosing between different stops, where you can meet friendly locals and visit unspoilt areas rarely visited by tourists. With a meticulously designed itinerary, maps, and a bespoke app, The Road Trip allows travellers to experience the thrill of a self-drive adventure without the stress.

The 11-day Grand Terre Tour will take travellers to the breathtaking sights of mainland New Caledonia. With this package travellers will experience an adventure like no other, exploring the fusion of nature and culture in New Caledonia from the UNESCO World Heritage-listed lagoon to expansive parklands. Highlights include Bourail’s La Roche Percée and Baie des Tortues, Farino Plateau’s rainforests and waterfalls, Hienghène’s hidden gem village, and Noumea’s vibrant streets with French-Melanesian cuisine.

For those looking for a more intimate cultural experience, the 13-day Cultural Exploration Tour will take travellers off the beaten path and immerse them in the local culture with tribal stays, market tastings and cultural museums. In this package, travellers will discover hidden gems on both the mainland Grand Terre and the majestic Isle of Pines. From staying in a Kanak tribe to dining with Broussards (French cowboys), exploring the convict era, and encountering local fauna and flora, this 13-day immersive experience promises an unforgettable stay away from the crowds.

The Road Trip offers travel agents a 10% commission on the road trip tours.

Check-list before road tripping in New Caledonia:
A few things travellers need to keep in mind before heading out on their self-drive adventure:
● As a French territory, New Caledonians drive on the right-hand side of the road.
● It is strongly recommended you book your rental car well in advance to avoid missing out.
● It is also strongly recommended to pick up a Wifi box at the Tontouta airport to be able to use GPS.
● While New Caledonia boasts an extensive network of service stations, be mindful that they might be closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

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