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Angolan park warden in the KAZA Transfrontier Conservation AreaEXCLUSIVE REPORT: A Game-Changer in Global Conservation – The Marvel of KAZA Revealed!

In an exclusive announcement made earlier this week, Africa’s leading conservation network, the Africa Hub [ATTA], has unveiled plans for a webinar on the 29th of August 2023 that will exclusively spotlight the impressive Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area. This marvel is reshaping how the world views conservation.

Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs) are not just buzzwords in conservation; they represent a paradigm shift. This revolutionary concept emanates from an understanding that when nature doesn’t recognize boundaries, neither should our efforts to conserve them. With natural resources spanning across national frontiers, these are not just national treasures but shared gems promising both the preservation of our planet’s biodiversity and a brighter future for the socio-economic standards of the local communities.

KAZA infor board - Wildlife Dispersal Areas - on display in Hwange NP, Zimbabwe - photo Carrie Hampton

KAZA info board – Wildlife Dispersal Areas – on display in Hwange NP, Zimbabwe

Kavango Zambezi, or KAZA affectionately known, isn’t just any conservation area. Spanning an impressive five nations – Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia – this colossal region encompasses 36 officially recognized protected territories. This includes a multitude of game reserves, forest refuges, wildlife management locales, and ancestral communal lands.

A conservation enthusiast? You’re in for a treat! KAZA proudly hosts not one, not two, but three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the mesmerizing Victoria Falls, the breathtaking Okavango Delta, and the mystical Tsodilo Hills. The biodiversity richness? Nothing short of spectacular! Housing over 50% of southern Africa’s regal elephant population, a precious 25% of the planet’s dwindling wild dog numbers, and a bird-watching paradise with around 600 species gracing its skies.

Yet, beyond flora and fauna, the beating heart of KAZA is its people. Boasting a diverse tapestry of tribes, an estimated populace of 2.5 to 3 million calls this vast region home. Their lives are intricately woven into the landscape – from pastoralism, hunting, and fishing traditions to the sustainable harvesting of nature’s bounty and agriculture. Moreover, tourism, one of the principal engines of local employment, is set to soar even higher as awareness and admiration for KAZA grow.

Central to KAZA’s mission is a holistic vision: to marry economic advancement, a thriving tourism sector, and steadfast conservation goals, ensuring a harmonized and prosperous future for its residents.

Are you eager to be a part of this revelation? Dive deep into the wonders of KAZA by registering for the must-attend webinar: The Africa Hub Webinar Schedule.




Written by: Christine Nguyen