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Y Hotel in Hong KongDespite the increasing macroeconomic challenges, the desire to explore and create lasting memories through travel seems fervent among Asia-Pacific (APAC) citizens. Notably, Hong Kong has clinched the top spot in Booking.com’s APAC Travel Confidence Index 2023, underscoring an unwavering faith in the power of travel amid global uncertainties.

Booking.com, a global giant in online travel, has recently launched the 2023 edition of its comprehensive APAC Travel Confidence Index (TCI), meticulously analysing the attitudes towards travel among residents of APAC. Interestingly, the report sheds light on an apparent contradiction: economic concerns, though prevalent, do not significantly deter 73% of APAC travellers from looking forward to their upcoming trips in the next year.

Travellers from Hong Kong are Conscious Explorers.

The TCI report, independently commissioned by Booking.com and professionally conducted by Milieu Insight, surveyed over 8,000 travellers from 11 APAC countries and regions, including Hong Kong, during April and May 2023. The study aims to provide a nuanced perspective on travel confidence and sustainability interests across various APAC destinations.

Despite the global stressors such as inflation, climate change, and supply chain disruptions, more than half (53%) of the surveyed individuals expressed no plans to delay their travel escapades. Remarkably, 59% of these travellers remain committed to their original travel plans and intend even to bolster their yearly travel frequency and budgets.

Sustainable Interest Metrics

The comprehensive report uncovers four unique traveller personas, offering invaluable insights into their fundamental motivations, priorities, and travel behaviours:

  • Conscious Explorers, primarily from Hong Kong, India, Mainland China, and Taiwan, are fervently committed to sustainable, eco-friendly travel.
  • Comfort Seekers, predominantly from Singapore and Australia, prioritise comfort, convenience, and indulgence over sustainability.
  • Mindful Voyagers, mainly from Vietnam, navigate their journeys thoughtfully, driven by a sense of environmental responsibility and the desire to help local communities.
  • Homebound Pragmatists, typically from New Zealand, Korea, Japan, and Thailand, prefer practical and local travel, valuing convenience and efficiency.

For Hong Kong travellers, predominantly Conscious Explorers, the thrill of exploring while minimising environmental impact is a strong driver. They are driven by diverse interests such as food and dining experiences, breathtaking landscapes, historical attractions, local culture, and shopping.

A striking 62% of Hong Kong travellers emphasise sustainability as a significant factor in their travel decisions. An encouraging 76% express readiness to spend the same or more on eco-friendly alternatives. Notably, Hong Kong travellers exhibit resourcefulness in planning their trips, opting for budget-friendly accommodations, inexpensive travel means, and affordable destinations.

Booking.com’s APAC Travel Confidence Index 2023

Kyle Fu, Area Manager for Japan, Hong Kong & Macau at Booking.com, highlighted the enduring travel spirit of Hong Kong’s residents. He mentioned, “Despite the profound impact of the pandemic, insights from this year’s Travel Confidence Index reassuringly proves that 84% of Hong Kong travellers are likely to take the same or more international trips this year. As travellers continue to navigate uncertainties and the rising cost of living, Booking.com remains committed to making it easier for Hong Kong travellers to search, book and enjoy their perfect vacation and better experience the world.”




Written by: My Thanh Pham