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Air Niugini Dreamliner Boeing 787-800In a significant development for the aviation industry, Air Niugini, the national flag carrier of Papua New Guinea, has solidified its position as a trailblazer by finalizing an order for two state-of-the-art Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners. The groundbreaking deal, announced today by Boeing and Air Niugini, aims to propel the carrier’s long-haul fleet to new heights, facilitating the exploration of uncharted routes from the Pacific island nation while bolstering its capacity for inbound tourism.

With a firm commitment to providing unparalleled air service in the region, Air Niugini views this procurement as a stepping stone towards its vision of becoming the premier airline in Papua New Guinea. The signing of the contract with Boeing signifies a momentous milestone in the carrier’s expansion strategy, as the cutting-edge, widebody 787 Dreamliners will empower Air Niugini to extend its network across Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Gary Seddon, the acting CEO of Air Niugini, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the game-changing deal, stating, “Signing this contract with Boeing for the purchase of two modern, widebody 787 Dreamliners will enable Air Niugini to grow its network across Asia, Australia, and New Zealand and fulfill its mission as the premier airline in Papua New Guinea, providing the best air service in the region.”

Undeniably, the 787 Dreamliner has earned its status as the fastest-selling widebody aeroplane in history, with more than 85 esteemed customers placing orders for over 1,600 fuel-efficient marvels. Since its inauguration in 2011, the Dreamliner family has revolutionized the industry with its exceptional fuel efficiency, unmatched flexibility, and extended range, empowering airlines worldwide to inaugurate a staggering 350 new nonstop routes.

Erika Pearson, the Vice President of Commercial Sales and Marketing for Southeast Asia and Oceania at Boeing, commended the outstanding capabilities of the 787 Dreamliner and emphasized its potential impact on tourism and economic growth in the South Pacific region. Pearson remarked, “The excellent capability of the 787 allows Air Niugini to open Port Moresby to more destinations, increasing tourism and economic growth in the South Pacific region. The Dreamliner’s flexibility, outstanding efficiency, and unmatched passenger comfort will enable Air Niugini to provide improved long-haul connectivity to the islands.”

Distinguished by its lightweight composite materials and advanced engines, the 787 Dreamliner surpasses its predecessors by accommodating up to 20% more passengers while reducing fuel consumption and emissions by an impressive 25%. With a remarkable range of up to 13,530 km in a typical two-class configuration, the 787-8 Dreamliner enables Air Niugini to traverse vast distances, connecting previously underserved regions and fostering economic prosperity.

The partnership between Boeing and Air Niugini spans over four and a half decades, solidifying a strong rapport and a shared commitment to excellence. Currently, Air Niugini operates a robust domestic network from Port Moresby, extensively covering Papua New Guinea while also servicing international flights across the Asia-Pacific region, including popular destinations such as Australia, Singapore, Solomon Islands, and Fiji. The airline’s existing fleet comprises Boeing 737s and 767s, demonstrating their ongoing trust in Boeing’s cutting-edge aircraft.

This groundbreaking deal between Air Niugini and Boeing signifies a bold leap forward for the national carrier and showcases the aviation industry’s immense potential in Papua New Guinea. With the arrival of the two Dreamliners, Air Niugini will unlock new horizons, bringing diverse cultures closer, boosting tourism, and igniting unprecedented economic growth. As the world eagerly anticipates the implementation of these aircraft, the partnership between Air Niugini and Boeing is poised to reshape the future of air travel in the South Pacific.




Written by: Anne Keam