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CABN Cape St Albans - outdoor bath, ocean viewIn a pioneering venture into the untouched natural splendour of Kangaroo Island, CABN, an industry leader in luxury off-grid accommodations, has proudly announced the grand opening of its newest destination, CABN X Cape St Albans. This exciting development marks the first time in over a century and a half that the secluded property on this enchanting island is made accessible to visitors.

Nestled in the unspoiled wilderness of Cape St Albans, CABN X’s eco-cabins offer an immersive escape into 400 acres of privately owned land against a breathtaking backdrop of sweeping ocean vistas. Located on the easternmost point of Kangaroo Island, Cape St Albans proffers panoramic views of the mighty Southern Ocean and the South Australian mainland, beautifully framed by the floor-to-ceiling windows grace each CABN X cabin.

Far from the light pollution of city living, the tranquil isolation of CABN X offers guests a captivatingly clear view of the stars. Whether viewed from the deck or the comfort of your bed through a glass ceiling, the celestial display provides an unforgettable experience.

CABN X Cape St Albans is designed with guest comfort as the priority. Each cabin offers a private sauna, indoor and outdoor full-sized baths, and king-sized beds. Michael Lamprell, CEO and founder of CABN, expressed his excitement at the launch: “Our cabins encourage disconnection from everyday life, to tune into nature all while enjoying ultimate comfort and luxury.”

CABN Cape St Albans - interior kitchen and bedroom

CABN Cape St Albans – interior kitchen and bedroom.

The unveiling of CABN X Cape St Albans also serves as a beacon of resurgence for Kangaroo Island following the devastating bushfires in 2020. Megan Harvie, Kangaroo Island Regional Tourism Manager, praised the new development. “The CABN property is an incredible addition to accommodation on Kangaroo Island and offers an experience like nowhere else. Cape St Albans is unique, has a spectacular coastline, and connects visitors to the island’s stories, produce, and people.”

In line with CABN’s sustainability ethos, these cabins are entirely powered by solar energy and were constructed off-site to minimize environmental disturbance. To further solidify its dedication to eco-friendly practices, CABN conducted careful revegetation following the transportation of the cabins to Cape St Albans, indicating a clear commitment to preserving the site’s unique natural beauty and wildlife.

CABN continues to respect and recognize the cultural significance of Kangaroo Island and Cape St Albans through its partnerships with the local First Nations peoples. A blessing ceremony conducted by Ngarrindjeri women before the opening highlights the site’s rich cultural history.

Guests are promised various activities, from strolling on the private beach, wildlife spotting, and exploring the remnants of the Kona shipwreck to visiting the operational lighthouse on the property. A seven-course in-room dining experience with a private chef completes the exclusive retreat.

For more information on CABN’s groundbreaking South Australian retreat or to book your next stay, visit their website at https://cabn.life/.




Written by: Don Power