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Gentoo,Penguin,Standing,On,The,Rock,,Colony,And,Huge,MountainsIntriq Journey, a bespoke luxury travel designer, is fulfilling the travel ambitions of adventurous polar explorers with luxury cruise expeditions to both the Arctic and Antarctica. Polar exploration has become a must-do experience for discerning travellers seeking lifetime adventures. Intriq Journey’s carefully curated itineraries have been designed for guests to experience the best of the poles during the comfortable summer season.

Despite the impact of global warming on Arctic and Antarctic tourism, these destinations continue to inspire intrigue due to the isolation of the polar regions. Intriq Journey’s arctic itineraries include 12/11 Days Spitsbergen Explorer, 14 Days Greenland Essentials, and 16 Days The Ultimate Arctic Adventure. Intriq Journey’s Antarctic itineraries include 8 Days of Antarctica Fly-Cruise, 11 Days of Antarctica Immersion, and 20 Days of Epic Antarctica.

Intriq Journey’s Chairperson, Mr Chang Theng Hwee, stated, “The austere beauty of polar expeditions has resulted in unprecedented demand for expedition cruises. As our guests become more sophisticated in their travel preferences, there is a visible shift from old icebreakers for wildlife cruising to recent appreciation for luxury cruise ships that glide through the polar icecap and fjords effortlessly whilst delivering modern comforts.”Houses, In, Ilulissat, With, Ice, In, The, Water

Travellers who book a White Desert adventure through Intriq Journey until May 31, 2023, will enjoy an exclusive 4D3N journey in South Africa’s scenic capital of Cape Town.

Intriq Journey is committed to providing sustainable and responsible tourism experiences. The company partners with polar experts to design unique experiences offering intimate and in-depth surreal landscape explorations. The luxury cruise ships provided by Intriq Journey also prioritize environmental responsibility.

The northern hemisphere is home to over 21,000 unique flora and fauna species that have adapted to the harsh and seemingly inhospitable environment of the Arctic. Intriq Journey’s Arctic itineraries include hiking the tundra and exploring the polar desert, glaciers, and fjords while watching for iconic Arctic wildlife such as Polar Bears, Walruses, and reindeer. Guests may also opt for a luxury private yacht experience for nature expeditions within the land and sea of Svalbard.

Intriq Journey’s Antarctic itineraries include journeys to the untouched Seventh Continent with experiences few have witnessed, such as a visit to historic sites and active science bases. Guests can learn about the animals that call the ice-filled fjords home from expert naturalists onboard ice-classed ships.

Overall, Intriq Journey’s bespoke luxury polar expeditions offer unique and memorable experiences for adventurous travellers seeking to explore the extreme frontiers of tourism.

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Written by: Stephen Morton