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A LUXURY PROPERTY LIKE NO OTHER IN THE NAMIBIAN WILDERNESSKnown for pioneering life-enriching safari travel in Namibia, Ultimate Safaris is dedicated to the protection and conservation of the natural world, working closely with local communities to develop its conservation initiatives and to fuel a passion for the development of responsible and sustainable tourism, not just locally but in wider forums on the national level.

Named after the resident giraffe in the area, the camp is built at the base of two granite outcrops, allowing for magnificent views of Namibia’s highest mountain, the Brandberg, to the south and the dispersed cathedral-like granite landscape to the north. The camp is designed to optimise views from its six idyllic suites from many different vantage points – the bathroom, the desk, and the bed all offer spaces to observe the unfolding activity and sights around you.

Food designed to tantalise and satisfy the palate is based on local ingredients, fresh vegetables and fruits, homemade crafted pizzas, presented artfully with herbal accompaniments. Character, meticulous sustainable materials, and inspired artistic choices are visible in the lavish petrified wooden washbasins, animal prints, and artefacts decorating the suites and in the interior colour palette, which complements the granite of the surroundings. Hidden among the granite boulders that nestle the camp, the suites are naturally ventilated with partial open-air bathrooms and largely open communal areas.



A king-size bed cooled by its own ‘climate conditioner’ (Evening Breeze) is also the perfect place for afternoon siestas, and if you want to sleep under a billion stars, the bed can be rolled out onto your private deck for the night. With just six luxury suites, Onduli Ridge is a spectacular camp where architecture and the natural landscape blend seamlessly, blurring the defining lines between indoors and nature. Working in partnership with the Conservation Travel Foundation, Ultimate Safaris’ non-profit invests in ventures that bring a much-needed beneficial impact based on practical support and measurable positive development to the region.

Onduli Ridge, located in the temperate climate of central Damaraland, will define a new benchmark for luxury safari travel in Namibia. These measures ensure that Onduli Ridge more than lives up to its Eco-Awards ratings and offers a track record of sustainability that allows both wildlife and local communities to thrive. For those who want to keep in touch, WiFi is offered in all rooms, while the camp also has its airstrip with a waiting lounge and bathroom 20 minutes away. As with all Ultimate Safaris camps, sustainability forms the foundation of every property. Onduli Ridge is no different, as all power is produced by solar, negating the need for any use of fossil fuels. You have just woken up, ready to breathe in the desert air, check the rising sun, and look forward to your fresh sumptuous breakfast.
A giraffe canters into view, followed by a zig-zagging journey of more giraffes stretching from left to right ahead of you. Hence, all water runs through a sophisticated reclamation plant, then used to feed wildlife watering holes, so there is no wastage. From the architecture to the amenities, the sights and sounds are breathtaking, and the range of activities is suitable for individuals or families. The newly opened Onduli Ridge, in the heart of the fragile wilderness of Namibia, is set to become the flagship property of the award-winning Ultimate Safaris.

Ample quantities to indulge the hungriest guest after a morning on safari.

The stellar reputation enjoyed by Ultimate Safaris makes Onduli Ridge a world-leading destination. Because of its desert environment, water is in short supply.

A range of delightful activities proving unforgettable memories include:

  • Desert-adapted elephant tracking, desert-adapted black rhino activity, and desert-adapted giraffe activity – learn about the species or head out with a guide to track and locate the animals and efforts to conserve them.
  • Star Beds-Roll your bed out onto your deck and sleep under a blanket of a billion stars.
  • E-biking – Explore the area on an e-bike with a biking guide.
  • Rock art – View and learn about the art of a bygone era, giving insight into our human origins.
  • Nature Drives – Explore the area in a vehicle, learning about the intricacies and complexities of this ecosystem.
  • Nature Walks – Explore on foot, learning about the smaller factors that also impact the ecosystem.
  • Trail Treats – Let us surprise you with the most amazing surprises as you explore this magnificent area.

Despite the challenges of enduring the catastrophic total travel shutdown from COVID-19, Onduli Ridge offers discerning travellers something never seen before in the Namibian travel industry. Nature and its boundaries are the key players in this unique location, as Ultimate Safaris sat tight to retain and bring its vision to life after the lockdown eventually lifted. The result is remarkable, a testament to faith, determination, and commitment.

Written by: Matthew Thomas