The festival is here again! After more than two years, there are finally plenty of events and activities available to enjoy. The cultural sector is coming alive with music and literature, theatre and guided tours. Especially now with the start of summer, such cultural happenings are the perfect reason for a short holiday or a weekend trip to a city you’ve always wanted to see. In addition to music, theatre and the like, you can explore new things, slow down and enjoy a few days of relaxation at one of our Green Pearls® partners.

Relaxed Summer of Culture in Erlangen

Can Erlangen still be considered an “insider tip”? The city in north-eastern Bavaria certainly has a lot to offer. Thanks to the free audio guides for classic city tours, they can be visited at any time of day or night. If that’s not exciting enough for you, you can also explore Erlangen in the form of a puzzle or a story. On the path of the Foxtrail or my CityHunt tours, the city must be saved from the supposedly sustainable construction projects of a dubious entrepreneur or a strange plant disease during a heat wave.

For music fans, the Kulturinsel Wöhrmühle is a highlight with well-known acts in a great location. This year, the open-air festival will finally take place from the 14th  to the 24th of July and is a must-visit for all pop and indie music lovers. The Creativhotel Luise offers the ideal oasis of calm after a concert. The Creativhotel has revealed two more top tips for next year: The International Comics Salon takes place in mid-June and beer lovers will get their money’s worth at the traditional Bergkirchweih during Pentecost. If you don’t want to wait, we can highly recommend a visit to the beer museum.

Cultural and Fashion Metropolis Milan

Milan is a true cultural hotspot in northern Italy. The zero-emissions Hotel Milano Scala is the perfect base for experiencing Milan’s cultural summer first-hand – quiet and relaxed, yet right in the middle of it all. Theatre lovers, in particular, will be pleased to know that the prestigious Teatro al Scala is right next door. This summer, “Rigoletto” and “Giselle”, among others, will be performed there. In addition, the city can be explored with a variety of themed city tours, for example, a look behind the scenes of various designers on the Milan Fashion Tour. 

Less than a 10-minute walk from the hotel is the Parco Sempione urban landscape garden. In the Triennale Milano, the museum for Italian design, an exhibition about the unknown (“Unknown Unknowns”) can currently be visited. This exciting exhibition focuses on “what we don’t know” and invites open discussion and interdisciplinary consideration. The discussions can then be continued in the evening on the hotel terrace with a view over Milan, enveloped by the scent of the herb garden. 

Freiburg Green Creative Spot

Pull out your pencils and sharpen your ears: In July, the Freiburg city poetry slam championships will take place. Of course, you can just listen, spellbound, to the young creatives and writers. But you can also let them and the city inspire you to go on your own writing excursions. It is also possible to take part in a writing walk, which allows visitors to experience Freiburg and the surrounding nature from a completely new perspective. Clean lines, modern architecture and space to breathe are what the Green City Hotel Vauban offers. The structured environment invites creative thinking, making it the ideal setting to immerse yourself in Freiburg’s literary scene.

Anyone visiting the city between the 13th and the 31st of July will not be able to avoid the “Zelt-Musik-Festival”. Well-known acts from all over the world perform every evening on several open-air stages and guarantee a festive atmosphere. After all the excitement of a concert, it is all the more relaxing to return to the tranquil atmosphere of the Green City Hotel Vauban.

Theatre and Industrial Monuments in the Baltic Summer

Panevėžys is not only the industrial centre of northern Lithuania but also the cultural capital of the region. It is characterised above all by industrial architecture, which stands in charming contrast to the city’s historical buildings. This is also the case with the cultural monument that houses the ROMANTIC Boutique Hotel & Spa: in 1841, the first mechanical mill in the country operated here. There is hardly a better place to experience the summer of culture in Lithuania and Panevėžys.

Numerous museums and galleries invite you to take a short or longer look during a stroll through the city. Panevėžys is also the final stop of a narrow-gauge railway that is almost forgotten in the rest of Europe. Visitors can admire steam locomotives and signallers in the adjoining museum. In addition, rides on the hand trolley or the rail tricycle are possible in summer.

The cultural summer weekend is then rounded out with a visit to the theatre in the Juozas Miltinis Drama Theatre. The theatre, built in a modern style, looks back on an eventful past. In addition to performances, tours of the building are also offered. At the end of an eventful day, you can indulge in high-quality organic food in the ROMANTIC restaurant before drifting off to sleep within the historic walls.

In Search of Historical Footprints in Berlin’s Green Hinterland

The Landgut Stober itself is practically a main cultural attraction. As part of a brick ensemble created by the industrialist family Borsig, it attracts visitors from near and far. But the Landgut Stober is not only highly recommended as a destination, but also as a starting point. Around the hotel is one of the oldest landscape parks with ancient trees that have been preserved in their original form. It invites you to stroll and relax, especially during hot summer days. Ribbeck with its castle and numerous small studios, concerts and shops is only a short bike ride away.

The Landgut Stober is just a few kilometres from the gates of Berlin. By train, it takes just over half an hour to reach the city centre with all of its bars and clubs, museums and theatres, cinemas and concerts. Visitors can explore the Berlin underground with a guided tour, climb the TV tower at the Alex or simply let themselves wander. Back at the hotel, guests can expect exquisite cuisine and an almost magical atmosphere that makes the hustle and bustle of the big city seem like a distant mirage.

The Art Metropolis and Cultural City of Paris

Shakespeare in Paris? Yes, please! In the Catelan Garden of the Bois de Boulogne, actors take guests into the play worlds of the theatre poet in various themed gardens. The works are presented in a variety of ways: sometimes with puppets, sometimes as a fairy tale, a circus, or a reading. In addition to Shakespeare, visitors can also immerse themselves in the plays of other poets and dramatists such as Molière or Jean de la Fontaine.

The centrally located boutique hotel Hôtel Le Pavillon is ideal for experiencing summer in Paris in style. Housed in a lovingly restored convent, it offers guests an oasis of well-being with plenty of greenery, creative details and a rich breakfast buffet. They are well prepared for a day full of theatre and poetry. Or perhaps a visit to one of the many museums and galleries? Or exploring Le Recyclerie, an old railway station? Here artists from all over the world organise exhibitions or events – also on sustainable themes. Maybe discovering the maritime ambience along the Seine during the “Paris Plages”, when deckchairs and palm trees take over the banks is more your style?

After two years, the event calendars are finally bursting at the seams again and we are pleased that the selection of cultural summer highlights around our Green Pearls® partners was so difficult for us to narrow down. We can say with a clear conscience that there will be something for everyone, whether you are a fan of literature, a music lover, or a theatre-goer. Our Green Pearls® partners not only offer a fantastic setting for this cultural summer but also love to assist their guests in choosing which events to attend.

Edited by: Jill Walsh