Featuring this week on our close-to-home sailings is Seabourn. Seabourn has issued industry rates on countless sailings this year, especially in Europe and many of our members have taken advantage of these great prices.
Seabourn not only claims “The world’s finest ultra-luxury resort at sea” but states that it is “about the moment” that you have come to embrace. We mostly choose cruises for the places we want to explore and enjoy, but
Luxury travel adds another dimension to that experience. The Seabourn difference: intimate ships, all ocean-facing cabins, all dining complimentary, alcohol included, personalised service – elegant, yet casual.
As TIC members we get to enjoy this whole cruise experience at up to 40% less than other guests pay.

If you are interested in a long and different cruise, as part of the Odyssey’s World Cruise, we have a segment from Papeete to Sydney. This 38-night sailing visits 20 Islands of differing beauty and culture all dotted across the expansive Pacific, some of which can only be seen this way. An amazing itinerary which you will find listed below and linked to our website.
You could spend Christmas and New Year onboard sailing from Auckland to Sydney or you could be experiencing the festive delights of Asia. The Suez Canal is a cruiser’s must and you could sail that from Athens to Dubai, or extend on to Singapore. Due to the continued closure of Hong Kong to cruise ships, the itineraries from Singapore to Hong Kong will now return to Singapore.
STOP PRESS: If anyone is interested in a Silversea Kimberley cruise on 24 July Broome / Darwin, I have a cabin available at the industry rate: Vista Suite $18400 , TIC $9050. There are also some cabins on 04 July if you can make that!

Seabourn- Special Industry Rates

Discounts of up to 40%  to TIC members
Pacific, Tasman, Asia and & Suez Canal sailings
Savings and prices are per person
Papeete/Sydney 27 Oct 38 nights from $33999, TIC $20399
Australia & NZ -Christmas/New Year 21 Dec 16 nights from $13299, TIC $9309
Sydney/Auckland 05 Dec 16 nights from $11699, TIC $6979
Dubai/Singapore 07 Dec 16 nights from $10699, yours $7489
Dubai/Singapore 07 Dec 32 nights from $19999, TIC $13999
Christmas in Asia –Singapore return 23 Dec 16 nights from $8749
Athens/Greek Islands/Dubai 13 Nov 24 nights from $17299, for you $9619
Athens/Singapore 20 Nov 33 nights from 20699, TIC $14489
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