The Virtual Data Room is an online storage facility for secure file retention while maintaining confidentiality and speeding up the transaction operation.

General info about virtual data rooms

It replaces physical data rooms but saves the company money, employees’ energy, and time. The main workflows in which VDRs are operated are unions and asset guidelines. Firms often cooperate to produce and simulate products for buildings and services.
Establishing and maintaining such business relationships requires contracts and frequent data transfers. Virtual data rooms store these contracts and produce easily accessible documents needed to continue the business partnership.

List of the best virtual data room providers

Let’s look at the top 5 info rooms.

  • Suitable for both small and large projects. One of the most flexible and user-friendly electronic data rooms. Provides bulk uploads without size, number, or format restrictions, simple drag and drop, automatic index numbering, and full-text search.
  • Some advanced features include AI file analysis and management, bulk upload, drag and drop, and the ability to rename files before upload.
  • Merrill Data site. Different levels of access to files can be set. Contextual search is available; files can be published immediately after upload or later.
  • Available for online and offline usage, it supports all mobile devices and is integrated with MS Office.
  • AES 256-bit certified file encryption supports all existing data stores, so there is no need to migrate data; a detailed activity log is available.

Try to compare these virtual data rooms. They all deliver additional security elements for file sharing, paper activity reports, and restrictions on viewing, printing, and saving documents. Each of them has decent features that will be useful when working on projects and can provide faster processes, but you need to consider the scale of your project and the characteristics your team needs and then choose the ideal option for you. Data room comparison shows that the provider’s choice depends on the transaction type and the business process. When selecting data room providers, you should consider the ease of use, security and collaboration features offered, phone apps, and convenient settings.

Alternative data room software

Apart from the top five, there are many other reliable suppliers to look out for them; perhaps they will be more suitable for you.

  • With DocSend, industry experts can securely share content based on links and easily adjust security settings for each participant, receive the review notifications, and analyze content performance.
  • RPost® has been the world’s leading e-security platform since 2000. It specializes in elegant and easy-to-use email encryption for privacy and compliance, electronic signatures, the electronic delivery of legal evidence, secure file sharing, document forgery prevention, paper rights administration, and benefits that use artificial intelligence to prevent data breaches and email security vulnerabilities.
  • ShareVault is online data room software for mergers and acquisitions, asset sales, fundraising, licensing/partnerships, and board participation.
  • Ansarada is an AI-powered transactional platform designed to help companies and their advisors succeed in important business events such as M&A, asset sales, finances raises, IPOs, and audits.

Which industries profit from virtual data rooms?

The following organizations would benefit from a trustworthy virtual data room.

  • Investment banking and financial institutions such as banks and credit unions.
  • Large venture money firms and private equity firms.
  • Large companies and Fortune 2000 organizations.
  • Drug discovery, pharmaceutical, and biomedical companies.
  • Large public and private research institutions.

Today data rooms are taking the market by offering data room services such as strict data protection and security measures in addition to the capacity of organized storage space.

What to look out for

Safety and reliability

Ensure the provider is protected with regular penetration checks using third-party assessment, 256-bit AES SSL encryption, and automatic virus scanning. This ensures your security.


Access management features allow you to set user authorizations. For example, this will enable you to control who has access to your documents.

Ease of use

To ascertain that you can manage any difficulties in the work process, ensure that your VDR provider always offers 24/7/365 support.


Flexible solutions are available for all sectors and transaction types to support comprehensive reporting. In addition, reporting features help you track if you manage multiple transactions simultaneously over parallel periods.
When material travel remains risky, and remote working is the standard, it makes sense for transaction organizers to adapt their closing processes through electronic data rooms. VDRs are a solution that can provide reliability due to the persistence needed to enable mergers and acquisitions and close contracts fast. In addition, the virtual data space blurs the boundaries of time and region, providing everyone with a safe and neutral space to transact from anywhere in the world. What else would a business need?