While aircrafts are becoming ever more modern, economical and quiet, a ritual that has hardly changed since the Junkers Ju-52 takes place thousands of times a day in the cabin: The beverage catering of juice bags, soft drink cans and coffee pots. Skytender Solutions is changing this thoroughly and offers rolling beverage dispensers in form of a completely airworthy trolley with a total of 14 own patents. The advantages are manifold: “The system is not only practical to handle, but also saves cash. We have already conducted studies with the first airlines to learn how the system performs. A major European airline with 150 planes has already generated the investment after 22 months and expects a ROI of 430 percent after eight years – that corresponds to savings of 45.5 million euros,” says Dr. Thomas Mützel-von Schwartz, Managing Director of Skytender Solutions. The product for coffee has already been approved by all aviation authorities worldwide and is ready-to-fly, while the version for cold drinks is already available for testing.
Less waste, less CO2, lower costs
The system completely eliminates soft drink cans and trolleys with juice bags and plastic bottles. The standard Atlas trolleys fit into conventional galleys and provide immense savings in a short time. “According to our calculations, this will boost the environmental balance enormously without any airline having to purchase new aircrafts. In catering transport alone, costs can be saved by up to 70 percent thanks to less storage space and handling; in addition there is a massive reduction in plastic and weight – saving valuable liters of kerosene,” explains Dr. Thomas Mützel-von Schwartz of Skytender. Up to three tons of CO2 can be economized per flight – an enormous amount that has a positive impact on an airline’s annual environmental balance. The devices are “Made in Germany” and are manufactured in Herborn.
Water, soft drinks and coffee specialties
Aanother challenge is solved as well: On board, more and more passengers request drinks such as latte macchiato or hot chocolate – products that cannot be provided in mass in traditional catering. With SkyBarista, the hot beverage platform in the trolley, passengers get a greater choice with less effort at the same time. Many variations of water are equally available without the cabin crew having to get new bottles in the middle of the service. “The system is not only ideal for long distance flights, but also solves catering problems on short-haul flights by significantly speeding up the service,” says the Skytender CEO. Besides, the three systems – Skytender Barista, SkyBar Splash and SkyBarista Aqua+ – are fully electronically connected and allow beverage consumption to be evaluated at the touch of a button. This way, airlines know exactly which beverages are consumed on which flight routes without having to keep tally lists.
Skytender will exhibit its products at World Travel Catering & Onboard Services EXPO 2022 at Messe Hamburg, Germany, June 14-16, booth 1H25.
Skytender (https://skytendersolutions.com) is the world’s first solution that enables airlines to completely transform beverage catering and benefit from immense cost savings as well as a significantly improved environmental footprint. With beverage vending machines built as trolleys and fully approved by the various aviation authorities, plastic bottles, coffee pots and soft drink cans are completely eliminated from the catering and cabin logistics. The range of beverages can also be expanded to include coffee and other beverage specialties with high demand. Integrated evaluations of actual beverage consumption help with the calculation of costs and future flight planning.
Press briefing at the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services EXPO:
The team of Skytender will gladly be at your disposal at the fair. If you would like to arrange an appointment, please send a short e-mail to team@euromarcom.de. We will be happy to present the system to you on site!