After a long two years of travel bans and restrictions, we’re all ready (and deserve!) a nice break. But, if you can’t decide where to go, MyBaggage has created ‘Jetflix’, a brand-new interactive quiz that will decide your next vacation based on your latest streaming binge.
With little else to do whilst stuck indoors, most people turned to their TVs and laptops to sit and watch Netflix throughout the pandemic. As borders reopen across the globe, instead of watching from a screen, you can go out and experience these locations for yourself.
Answer five simple questions displayed similar to the Netflix interface and within a matter of moments you will be shown three recommended locations based on your viewing habits. The questions include:
✍️ Age and gender
🎥 Favourite genres
🎭 How you want to feel when watching
🌎 What type of vacation you’re looking for
⌚️ The time of year you want to travel
Whether you like to lay on the beach, prefer adventures or want a romantic getaway, the Jetflix quiz has a variety of options to choose from, so every user can find their ideal destination. Using an algorithm to analyse thousands of outcomes, the quiz gives you the best suited based on your responses.
Alongside each location is extra information to help find the perfect vacation destination, including average temperature, number of places to stay, things to do and places to eat. Not a fan of the locations Jetflix has given you? Simply scroll down to see more results based on the different genres you picked.
Bridgerton fans can say hi to high society
Fans of ‘Bridgerton’ can live their regal fantasy in the idyllic countryside of Bath, UK. The Netflix Original graced our screens in 2020 and a huge 82 million households tuned in. If you’re a sucker for a romantic period drama exploring rural England will be right up your street.
Madrid for Money Heist lovers
Explore the hustle and bustle of sunny Madrid in Spain for action and ‘Money Heist’ lovers. Money Heist is the most viewed non-English-speaking TV show, so if you want to delve into the Spanish culture and language, Madrid is a great place to start.
Live like royalty…ish
If you enjoy a real-life documentary why not go for a trip around Wynnewood, OK and see the home of the Tiger King himself? Carole Baskin’s ‘Big Cat Rescue’ is still open and available to the public, so you can experience what you’ve seen on screen in person.