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Tickets for a trip to the edge of space can now be purchased from Virgin Galactic, making ticket sales public for the first time.
Michael Colglazier, CEO of Virgin Galactic, believes that space has the power to improve people’s lives.
When commercial service begins later this year, we hope to have 1,000 clients on board, which will serve as a firm base when we start operations and expand our fleet.
Reservations for Virgin Galactic spaceflights also grant access to the Future Astronaut membership community, which is created and curated to bring inspiration, excitement, and adventure from the time of ticket purchase until spaceflight and beyond.
Member privileges include exclusive events, vacations, and space readiness activities that can’t be purchased with any other means of payment.
There is a launchpad at New Mexico’s Spaceport America for the actual space voyage.
As part of their training for a trip to the International Space Station, future astronauts will have the opportunity to host guests in specially designed quarters.
Customized itineraries and first-class amenities are part of the astronaut training experience.
Spaceflight includes a 90-minute voyage consisting of an air launch and a Mach-3 blast into space.
Flipping elegantly, the spaceship lets the astronauts experience a few minutes of weightlessness and breathtaking views of the Earth via the 17 windows.
Astronauts will begin a meaningful journey to make a positive difference with the perspective that can only come from seeing our beautiful planet from space upon returning from this transformational experience.

Written by : Joe Cusmano