Hong Kong’s renowned Sichuan mainstay, Chilli Fagara, celebrates its recognition at this year’s prestigious Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macau Ceremony 2022.

Helmed by Chef Chan, the Ma La Tang dining destination once again achieved the most coveted restaurant recommendation for the 11th consecutive year, for serving innovative yet true-to-tradition Sichuan delicacies that keep gourmands and die-hard chilli lovers returning for more.

Established in 2005, Chilli Fagara first opened on Graham Street in Soho and soon attracted a loyal clientele with their authentic, fiery Sichuan cuisine. Since its relocation to Old Bailey Street, the restaurant’s intimate and welcoming interiors – with unique yet iconic design elements that reflect the beauty of the Sichuan region – create warmth, whilst the cuisine creates fire. Based on the Sichuan Ma La Tang concept for numbing (Ma), burning (La) and neutral (Tang) taste, the menu represents an extraordinary array of culinary, seasonal masterpieces fashioned by Chef Chan and her team, using the freshest premium ingredients. 

“A recommendation by the world’s most sought-after restaurant award institution for the 11th successive year is the greatest honour our team could receive. My daughter Tracy and I are proud and grateful for every single one of our Chilli Fagara family, because this would not have been possible without their continuous diligence, precision, creativity, talent, passion and support,” says Chef Chan. “It’s also thanks to our loyal and new customers who inspire and drive me to explore new culinary trends and possibilities and inspire us to constantly grow, fostering an ever-evolving Sichuan dining culture.” 

Chili Fagara’s exclusive Chinese New Year menu features an abundance of auspicious specialties, symbolising surplus and prosperity. Gold comes piled high in the golden crispy-fried Mandarin Fish in Tangy Chilli Sauce (whole) (HK$388) where pillowy parcels of crispy fish are perfected with Chilli Fagara’s much-loved chilli sauce.