In what appears to me at least, to be one of the least publicised elements of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Government is running an audit  titled, “Managing Travel across Australia’s International Border during COVID-19”

I had never heard of this audit until I stumbled across it when doing some Google research, which is interesting as I am registered with every conceivable state and Federal Government related COVID-19 web site!

The Australian National Audit Office, which is running the audit says that, “The objective of this audit is to assess the effectiveness of the management of travel across Australia’s international border during the COVID-19 pandemic”, with the NAO proposing to examine:

  • Have Australia’s COVID-19 international travel border measures been informed by sound advice and coordinated effectively?;
  • Have effective arrangements been established to manage human biosecurity risk at the international border?; and
  • Have inwards and outwards international travel restrictions been managed effectively?

The Federal Government entities selected for audit are:

  • Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment;
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade;
  • Department of Health;
  • Department of Home Affairs;
  • Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications; and
  • Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

The good news is that you can contribute to this audit, with the Australian National Audit Office saying it welcomes members of the public contributing information for consideration when conducting performance audits.

They explain that performance audits involve the independent and objective assessment of the administration of an entity or body’s programs, policies, projects or activities and They also examine how well administrative support systems operate.

They add that the Australian National Audit Office does not have a role in commenting on the merits of government policy but focuses on assessing the efficient and effective implementation of government programs, including the achievement of their intended benefits.

They also say that they particularly value information that deals with significant matters or insights into the administration of the subject of this audit and information can be submitted either by uploading a file, or by entering your information into the comments box on their site.

They say that while your contribution will be considered, and handled with care, you will not automatically receive feedback about your contribution, however, if you provide your contact details, you may be contacted regarding your contribution and they aim to consider all contributions within 14 days of receipt.

The Australian National Audit Office anticipate accepting contributions to this audit until Sunday 27 June 2021, but amazingly does not anticipate providing its report until later in the year!

Come on, this is your chance to contribute by CLICKING HERE.

A report by John Alwyn-Jones