Heading North towards the border of Utah on Route 163, you’ll ride straight through Monument Valley, an iconic Western landscape of towering red rock spires and buttes.

One of the most easily recognized and renowned American locations, Monument Valley offers an unforgettable view of the vast open space dotted with spectacular natural giants of the old world. Route 163 cuts straight across the valley allowing for ideal photo opportunities. Be mindful of other travelers when you stop to snap pictures, as the road can get busy with RVs and tourist buses.

The most famous spot for photographs is Forest Gump point, named after the ending scenes in the movie.

Monument Valley is situated in the Navajo Nation territory, which means that tribal laws apply here. The sale and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited within the reservation. Local Navajo artists have souvenir stalls at the Center.

We suggest adding Jeep tours into the Valley and possibly a camping overnight stay in the Valley of the Gods about 25 minutes north.