Southern Arizona is less popular among visitors than the grandiose North, but there is one fundamental gem of the Wild West here that might just entice you to come for a visit: Tombstone.

A historical silver mining boomtown built in 1879, Tombstone is a living relic of the Old West. Once a flourishing town boasting several saloons, brothels, and opera houses, Tombstone nearly became a ghost town when the silver surge ended in the early twentieth century.

Tombstone was home to America’s most infamous outlaw shootout in 1881. A conflict between two outlaw groups escalated to a full-on Wild West gunfight, which lives on in an official re-enactment in Tombstone every day. The reenactment in the town’s OK Corral happens daily in the mornings and the afternoons. If Western frontier towns, cowboys, and outlaws are your thing, Tombstone is a living Wild West paradise.To get you up to speed on the events on 1881, here is a trailer of the 1993 movie called Tombstone.

Currently Tombstone is home to several Wild West-themed galleries, saloons, and museums. Many of the original buildings and streets are beautifully restored offering a trip back in time.

Home to some of the world’s most breathtaking natural Monuments, Native peoples, and stunning nature, Arizona is one of the best motorcycle touring destinations in the US.