The award-winning Luxury boutique hotel brand, COMO Hotels and Resorts has rolled out a collection of meaningful and restorative experiences across its portfolio of 15 hotels and resorts worldwide, recognizing that the travel industry in 2021 and beyond will emphasize more than ever, travel for a purpose.

Following the timely launch of COMO’s first-ever customizable E-Gift Vouchers, which encourages travel enthusiasts and brand loyalists to give the gift of aspirational experiences, COMO has kicked off 2021 with a selection of bookable experiences that focus on post-pandemic restoration.

At COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali, guests can book a collection of Cultural Experiences that connect travelers with the spirituality of Bali from a Water Spring Blessing, Water Purification Tour, and an Ubud cultural tour and immersion. The Water Spring Blessing brings guests to the ancient spring of rejuvenating holy water just footsteps from the Ayung River. Dressed in traditional Balinese attire, guests will be guided through chanting and offerings by a local priest where they will wash beside a statue of the god Genesha, allowing the minerals to soak into the skin. While chanting, the priest will splash each participant three times with holy water. With this, guests will be considered new – clean in the mind and soul.

In Bhutan, COMO Uma Paro and COMO Uma Punakha combine to provide a unique dual-centre experience that opens up the many facets of the all-Buddhist Himalayan kingdom, providing guests a unique immersion in the enigmatic ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’. With the national sport of Bhutan being archery, guests can try the traditional Bhutanese technique for themselves with the Archery and Darts Experience.  A guide sets up the targets and teaches the rules, as well as how to correctly hold the bow. Releasing the arrow and watching it fly toward the target is an exhilarating feeling. Darts are another popular pastime in Bhutan which is available to learn as well using the traditional wider and heavier Butanese darts and unique scoring system.

For ocean and beach lovers, COMO Maalifushi, the first and only resort to open on the unspoilt Thaa Atoll, in the archipelago’s southern reaches is well regarded for its diving and surf breaks. One of the newest water excursions is the Whale Shark Night Snorkel. Guests are taken on a boat from the resort to find the largest fish in the sea. The clear Maldivian waters allow for an aquarium-like view of the gentle giants, allowing guests to observe them closely as they feed. This activity is only available from the start of November to the end of April, when the whale sharks migrate through the warm Maldivian waters.

At COMO Point Yamu in Phuket, Thailand, the Muay Thai Boxing class immerses guests in one of Thailand’s strongest traditions, with a recorded history in the region dating back to the 16th century. Muay Thai is sometimes referred to as ‘the art of the eight limbs’ because it trains the use of hands, elbows, knees and shins to strike opponents. Requiring serious core engagement, Muay Thai provides a well-rounded workout and good cardio training.

In addition to the various meaningful experiences available across the brand’s portfolio of hotels and resorts, COMO maintains its ongoing emphasis on wellbeing through its sister brand in wellness, COMO Shambhala. COMO Shambhala advocates proactive holistic wellness, combining modern science with ancient healing. Its practice drives real results through a team of experts, spa therapies, products, yoga centers, activity and energy-giving cuisine at the wellness retreats at each COMO Hotel and Resort.