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Author Eric Rupp, in collaboration with the Transformational Travel Council (TTC), announced today that it will publish “The Transformational Travel Journal: Your Guide to Creating a Life-Changing Journey.”

The 220-page journal (available now for pre-order) is designed as a guide to help travelers discover the full potential of their journey by harnessing the power of travel to create personal growth and make a positive impact in the world.

Practical sections of the journal include guidance on how to:

• Prepare: During the weeks leading up to departure.

• Embrace adventure: Engage fully with your travel experience and capture meaningful moments.

• Think: As you return from your travels, uncover more profound layers of insight to nurture a fuller appreciation of your experiences through mindfulness and contemplation.

• Honor: Create positive change in the world by taking action based on your new understandings, connections, and perspectives.

• Continue Engagement: On-going reflections, planning, and actions will expand and extend your travel-inspired transformation.

“More than just a typical travelogue, our journal is your personal guide to transformation through travel,” says Eric Rupp, author and a core member of the Transformational Travel Council. “As you travel, you will be challenged by carefully selected activities, insightful questions, inspirational quotes, and thoughtful prompts. The journal is meant to open travelers’ eyes to explore more mindfully, reflect on the experiences, apply meaning to their journeys, and ultimately create a more intentional, conscious, meaningful, and purpose-driven life.”

In the introduction, award-winning writer and filmmaker Phil Cousin au, who wrote The Art of Pilgrimage, says: “If we are hoping for some kind of breakthrough, an epiphany, we need to prepare. Otherwise, we run the road-risk of being no more than culture-vultures or travel voyeurs, passively watching, rarely engaging…. Eventually, we come to realize that there is a depth to the travel experience that is far more gratifying if we take the time and trouble to lay some groundwork, or better yet, roadwork.”

To help nurture this “roadwork,” the easy-to-follow journal prompts deep reflection before, during, and after one’s transformational journey.

Travelers are encouraged to use The Transformational Travel Journey: Your Guide to Creating a Life-Changing Journey in whatever way best speaks to them: “Don’t limit yourself to a preconceived notion of what a journal should be. Do what works for you,” says Rupp. “If you don’t want to write paragraphs, make lists instead. Make a highlight reel. Itemize your meals, places you stay, or people you meet… Draw pictures or write poems… It’s your space; use it however feels right to you.” Whether you’re looking for significant changes or minor corrections, or whether you are new to travel or a seasoned adventurer, this book will add value to your journey.

To quote one reviewer: “This book is alive with the possibility for change, for the traveler, and for our deeply troubled world. Thought-provoking and imagination stirring, it calls forth your inner compass, challenges you to fully engage, embrace the trials, relish the revelations, and revitalize your life and the lives of others. It’s more than a journal; it is a travel companion unlocking not just who you are, but who you want to be. In this COVID era, this is the best $30 you can spend on making every journey that lies ahead, more meaningful, if not transformational.”—Chip Conley, Hospitality Entrepreneur and Founder of the Modern Elder Academy

Promotion of the Journal is aligned with World Tourism Day (September 27). “We’ve deliberately chosen to launch this transformational book as travelers come together on September 27 to wholeheartedly embrace this new dawn in travel and tourism,” says Jake Haupert, co-founder of the Transformational Travel Council.

To pre-order The Transformational Travel Journey: Your Guide to Creating a Life-Changing Journey (USD $29.99).

For interviews with author Eric Rupp or Jake Haupert, Co-Founder of the Transformational Travel Council, please contact elyse@emadventuremarketing.com.