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On Monday, the 4-week Resilient Mind Program led by the Australian Federation of Travel Agents officially commenced and 1,380 individuals across nearly 300 businesses, have taken up the challenge.

Paul Taylor, Director of the Mind Body Brain Performance Institute, kicked-off the challenge with a webinar which outlined the program’s scientific approach to enhancing resilience to stress and creating healthy coping mechanisms to deal with challenges.

The program runs from Monday 7th September to Sunday 4th October.

Paul Taylor, Director Mind Body Brain Performance Institute:

“I’m proud to be a part of AFTA’s efforts in helping to foster a strong sense of community and social connection through the program.”

“Staying connected is a big factor in building resilience, so I invite AFTA members to ‘get social’ and support each other through the app in the weeks to come.”

Darren Rudd, AFTA CEO:

“It is fitting that we launched this week with ‘R U OK’ Day officially taking place today.”

“While the numbers demonstrate AFTA’s Resilient Mind Program is a huge success, it’s also a sobering reminder of how many of our members are in need of support given the unique challenges travel agents are facing.”

“Given the program’s immense take-up, the real impact is having our members, family and friends learning together through these scientifically based resources to help us all navigate this incredibly difficult time for agencies during COVID-19.”