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The PGA of Great Britain and Ireland has launched a COVID-19 Helpline to support PGA Members, golf clubs and their management teams through the coronavirus pandemic.

The helpline provides PGA Members and their golf facilities with a point of contact throughout the on-going crisis.

It will mainly focus on the recent United Kingdom Government financial support packages for the self-employed and businesses, providing information around how it will apply to golf business and individuals and how to access this support.

“These are unprecedented times. The coronavirus is having a massive impact on life in the UK, Ireland and around the world, and like so many other industries, golf is being hit hard by the ramifications. We remain concerned about the impact on our Members, their professional colleagues and their golf facilities,” said Robert Maxfield, Chief Executive of The PGA, an Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

He added: “We are monitoring the situation carefully and have communicated quickly and fully through our channels as and when information becomes available. The helpline will now allow us to respond to our Members’ individual concerns and questions and we will be here as a point of contact for them and their facilities should they need us.”

The livelihoods of many PGA Members are reliant on the sustainability of golf facilities. Supporting these facilities is an important addition to The PGA service. The PGA and the Golf Club Managers Association (GCMA) are working closely on developing advice and resources as the situation unfolds.

A dedicated team of PGA staff will also proactively contact PGA Members and their facilities to direct them to further support and advice.

The PGA has also developed a ‘COVID-19 Resource Hub’ which has become a hugely important resource for PGA Members and the wider golf industry throughout the coronavirus pandemic. This will continue to be updated as and when information becomes available.

Maxfield said: “We will do whatever it takes to support our Members and their facilities through these difficult times. We all have a long-term interest in the golf industry not only surviving these difficult times, but emerging stronger and more united in the months ahead.”

Visit the PGA’s COVID-19 Resource Hub by CLICKING HERE